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Donaldson has established a global distribution network to serve our customers locally as well as worldwide. We operate as a global company with a network for primary distribution locations that support a mature hub of regional distribution centers and warehouses. Donaldson distribution centers are strategically located to quickly and accurately deliver filtration and exhaust products wherever replacement products are needed. We work with a network of transportation, third party logistics companies, consolidators, and cross-docking facilities to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. All regions of the world benefit from our global umbrella of distribution centers. We focus our efforts on local support and the capabilities of our staff. We continue to make significant investments in facilities, systems, supply chain relationships and staffing to offer the best order fulfillment options available. Donaldson Engine Liquid Filtration Guide Global Presence with Local Touch Engine Liquid Filtration Guide for Medium- & Heavy-duty Engines, Vehicles and Equipment Lube Fuel When you need liquid filtration systems for new and existing engine applications, consider Donaldson as your single source. Our solutions enhance your equipment design, protect your engine components and can improve your end user's overall vehicle maintenance experience. Donaldson delivers! Distribution Centers North America 800-374-1374 Mexico +52-449-910-6150 Latin Am. +52-449-910-6150 Brazil +55-11-2119-1604 Europe +32-16-38-3811 www.donaldson.com www.buydonaldson.com South Africa +27-11-997-6000 South East Asia 65-6311-7373 Greater China 852-2405-8388 Japan 81-42-540-4112 Australia 61-02-4350-2033 India +91-124-2290060 Catalog No. F110024 ENG (10/11) © 2011 Donaldson Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Donaldson Company, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue any model or specification at any time and without notice. Printed in the U.S.A. October 2011 Donaldson Company, Inc. PO Box 1299 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299 Coolant

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Total Filtration Solutions Hydraulic & Transmission Filtration for Mobile Equipment Vehicles • Engines • Equipment www.buydonaldson.com SSG Air Cleaner In-Tank Return/Suction Filter Exhaust Accessories Fuel Filter Duramax® Hydraulic Filter Lube Filter Donaldson offers a complete line of hydraulic and transmission filtration solutions that will keep your equipment operating at peak performance. Implements Implements Reservoir Tank Steering Vacuator™ Valve Hydrostatic Drive Duramax® Transmission Filter Brakes Implements Transmissions Power Steering Power Steering Hydraulic Fan Drive Hydraulic...

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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Engine Liquid Filtration Over the past decade numerous engineering achievements have come together to create advanced, clean and flexible engines. These diesel engines operate under high increasingly higher degree of filtration due to new fuels, fuel pressures, fuel being used as coolant, extended oil drains and oils, tighter component This product guide is intended to provide a broad liquid filtration knowledge and products available to meet your Fuel Filtration Engine Liquid Filtration • 1

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riformative Filtration Knowledge from Donaldson Engineers There are numerous items to consider when deciding on your liquid filtration supplier during the design of a new engine, vehicle or stand-alone piece of diesel-powered equipment. Our experience in the design and production of liquid filters began in 1975 (hydraulic filtration). In the early 1980s, we expanded into lube filtration and then on to fuel and coolant filtration. With over 25 years of experience, you will be working with a financially strong, diversified company with a global infrastructure that offers unique and quality...

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Standard or Custom Design Lube Filtration In our Lube Section, we cover what's new in oil filtration. New engines have higher ^^^^ producing higher soot and • •••I acid levels.This requires higher efficiency filters than in years past with the same or longer Learn about standard vs. extended drain options for preventative maintenance, and the filter media availbale for full flow or by-pass filtration. Whether you're strictly an aftermarket consumer of filters or an engine or equipment OEM, Lube Filtration System Application Matrix Mix and Match Fuel Filter Systems Your Engine? As you...

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Filter Media Technology for Optimal Filtration Performance Donaldson Media Formulations Set the Standard for Filtration Performance! Donaldson offers extensive filter media technology choices for liquid filters - over 34 different formulations.These multiple formulations enable our engineers to develop filtration systems that exceed or match a wide variety of customer specifications. Synthetic media captures more and smaller contaminant than cellulose media. When an application requires higher efficiency filtration than what cellulose filter media can deliver, Donaldson uses synthetic media...

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Materials & Design Characteristics With quality systems and processes in place throughout our entire company, Donaldson customers have come to expect reliable performance and consistent quality. Baffle Plate plate makes our filters easy chance of cross threading. Fully tucked seams provide added Inner Seals In spin-on filters, the inner seal between the baffle plate and filter cartridge is critical. Donaldson filters use a molded elastomer seal. unique chemical properties Filter Cartridge experience with both metal-free cartridge Heavy-duty, coated shell, rounded dome superior pressure...

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Liquid Filter Design Features Heavy-duty Design Beefed-Up Baffle Plate & Seam Most heavy-duty liquid filters made by Donaldson have an identifiable baffle plate. Most also have open ends that turn up for strength and durability. Most competitive products have baffle plates that turn down and in. ©Tapered lead-in thread edge ©Rolled threads ©Inverted Baffle Plate Design ©Full tuck seams Donaldson Baffle Plate Cross Section Baffle Plate Cross Section Resilient Inner Seal Not all competitive filters have a seal between the baffle plate constructed of molded elastomer that is designed for...

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