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Donaldson has established a global distribution network to serve our customers locally as well as worldwide. We operate as a global company with a network for primary distribution locations that support a mature hub of regional distribution centers and warehouses. All regions of the world benefit from our global umbrella of distribution centers. We focus our efforts on local support and the capabilities of our staff. We continue to make significant investments in facilities, systems, supply chain relationships and staffing to offer the best order fulfillment options available. Donaldson distribution centers are strategically located to quickly and accurately deliver filtration and exhaust products wherever replacement products are needed. We work with a network of transportation, third part logistics companies, consolidators, and cross-docking facilities to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Donaldson Engine Intake Systems for Light, Medium & Heavy Dust Conditions Global Presence with Local Touch Engine Intake Systems for Light, Medium & Heavy Dust Conditions Air Cleaners • Pre-cleaners & Inlet Hoods • Rubber Adapters/Elbows • Filter Indicators • Mounting Bands No matter what the dust conditions or engine airflow requirements, you will find a Donaldson air cleaner or intake system accessory that will deliver clean air when your engine needs it most! Donaldson Company, Inc. PO Box 1299 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1299 North America 800-374-1374 Mexico +52-449-910-6150 Latin Am. & Caribbean +52-449-910-6150 Brazil +55-11-2119-1604 Europe +32-16-38-3811 South Africa +27-11-997-6000 www.donaldson-filters.com www.donaldson.com South East Asia 65-6311-7373 Greater China 852-2405-8388 Japan 81-42-540-4112 Australia 61-02-4350-2033 India +91-124-2290060 © 2009 Donaldson Company, Inc. Donaldson Company, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue any model or specification at any time and without notice. Printed in the U.S.A. Distribution Centers

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Table of contents catalog No. f110027 Our innovative products are solving complex filtration challenges that improve people’s lives, enhance engine and Table of Contents This publication contains a wide selection of standard, stocked air cleaner models for both original equipment manufacturers and replacement parts for existing diesel-powered vehicles and equipment that operate in light to heavy dust conditions. For a variation or a custom designed intake system, please call your current supplier of Donaldson products. Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and...

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Donaldson Air Filtration Technologies help OEMs meet Global Emissions Regulations The emissions solutions introduced to meet diesel engine emissions regulations have resulted in numerous vehicle design changes for original equipment manufacturers. Changes that we have seen include engine compartment size reductions and lower system weight requirements. For engine manufacturers, regulators now recognize that engine blow-by gas emitted from the crankcase is a major emissions source and require that the vent be closed or filtered with high efficiency filtration. Donaldson has been providing...

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Our PowerCore G2 Filtration Technology is a perfect fit for the new space limitations, offering higher capacity and improved efficiency in a much smaller footprint. The geometric flexibility of PowerCore air intake systems gives OEM engineers the freedom to design unique configurations to fit tight spots. Our Spiracle™ Crankcase Filtration Systems for CCV or OCV systems reduce or eliminate harmful and unwanted crankcase emissions. Our proprietary Synteq™ XP coalescing media technology offers high efficiency filtration with low operating pressure drop. Three standard models (small, small...

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Intake System Choices for New & Retrofit ... newer air cleaner designs offer improved features and filtration performance. The products on the next two pages are recent additions to our product offering. New XRB Housings: left XRB12; middle XRB10; and right XRB08. The XRB family is ideal for light- to medium-duty diesel engine trucks, agriculture, construction, mining and industrial engine applications. The XRB air cleaner is smaller, lighter and easier to install and it effectively reduces contaminants, providing a high level of engine protection. Available in three diameter sizes. FKB...

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SSG Style - Our Largest Engine Air Cleaner The SSG Air Cleaner offers design improvements over our older SRG air cleaner style - including filters with radial seal sealing technology, and a filter access cover with a quick release cover latches and a chain. No more bolt to unscrew for a filter change - simply unlatch the cover and let it hang from the housing during service. Upgrade to newer filtration technology...with our Conversion Kit Replacing an older SRG housing with the new SSG housing allows you to simplify your routine filter service – no more separate gaskets at each filter...

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Don’t forget intake accessories ... engine air accessories are designed to solve your customer’s specific problems - such as excessive moisture or noise or to simply help them maintain their systems • Inlet Hoods - protect air intake from large debris • Pre-cleaners - extend air filter life and boost system efficiency • Filter Gauges and Indicators - maximize filter life and reduce maintenance costs • Rubber Elbows and Connectors - minimize air intake flow resistance, reduce noise levels in severe operating condition • Vacuator™ Valves - automatically dispel dust and water from the air...

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Dust Dumpa for SRG/SSG Style Air Cleaners SRG and SSG air cleaners operate in extreme dust conditions (mining, construction and quarrying). In some cases, the dust is so concentrated that maintenance personnel have to empty the dust cups or check the Vacuator™ Valves more frequently than they like. Dust Dumpa Both Dust Dumpa kits incorporate rubber connections that improve dust evacuation from the housing during normal vehicle vibration. The clear tube allows you to easily see what’s happening during daily inspections without climbing up to open or check out the Vacuator Valve. Dust Dumpa...

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