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Filters • Filter Heads • Manifolds • Kits • Fuel Carts • hP Filters and Heads • DEF • TRAP • Accessories Why Filter Fuels & Lubricants? Today's sophisticated equipment, such as diesel engines with increased injection pressures, requires higher cleanliness levels than ever before. Donaldson bulk filtration systems save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime and prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. In short, Donaldson reduces your total cost of ownership. Learn more about all things related to diesel fuel at MyCleanDIESEL(^m)

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Table of Contents 3 Why Do I Need Clean Fuel? 4 What is Clean Fuel? 6 How Do I Get Clean Fuel? 8 Clean Diesel Kits 9 Clean Diesel Carts 10 Fuel and Lubricants Filters 12 Filter Heads 14 Manifolds 16 Bulk hP Filters and Heads 18 Clean DEF Filter 20 T.R.A.P™ Breather 22 Reservoir Air Dryer 24 Accessories 26 System Sizing and Design 30 Filter Flow Rates and Pressure Drops 2 • Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

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Why do I Need Clean Fuel? As diesel travels from refinery to terminal locations to local bulk storage and finally to your bulk tank, it picks up contamination that is deadly to today’s engines. Your local distributor likely delivers diesel that meets or exceeds fuel-industry standards for cleanliness. This is not clean enough for your equipment. By filtering dirt, water and other contaminants before your fuel ever touches your equipment, you’ll eliminate costly downtime, Keep Running and Achieve More. GET A CLEAN SOLUTION. To ensure that you’re pumping clean, dry fuel into your equipment,...

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What is Clean Fuel? Achieving the Target Cleanliness of a Fluid ISO 4406 contamination codes are a way to express fluid cleanliness. The three numbers correspond to the number of particles 4 microns and larger, 6 microns and larger, RECOMMENDED ISO CLEANLINESS RATINGS ISO 14/13/11 Target rating for diesel fuel and 14 microns and larger present in the fluid. This page illustrates what it means to start with a contamination of ISO 22/21/18 and target a cleanliness of ISO 14/13/11. ISO 22/21/18 Typical cleanliness as fluid goes into your equipment Range of number of particles per 100...

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What is Clean Fuel? SIZES OF FAMILIAR PARTICLES IN MICRONS 100 µm Grain of Table Salt Human Hair Lower Limit of Visibility White Blood Cell Talcum Powder Donaldson Delivers Water Protection Are your bulk fluids passing large amounts of free water downstream – contaminating vehicles and equipment? Donaldson’s water absorbing filter with super absorbent polymer media, DBB0248, will stop flow if large amounts of free water are detected in your ethanol-free fluids. Designing systems with water absorbing filters requires Choosing the Ideal Filters for Your System Doesn’t Need to be Complicated...

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Clean Fuel & Lubricant - 6

jgl Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Donaldson Delivers Lower Total Cost of Ownership Modular Solutions Avoid Unplanned Downtime Compact Installation Maximize Fuel Efficiency Low Inventory Costs Low Installation Costs Easily Shipped Custom Designs Easily Serviced Clean. Donaldson single-pass filtration on the inlet removes contamination before it can enter your storage tank and contaminate it. Compact and easy to replace, Donaldson Alters are an important line of defense in maintaining fluid quality and can be configured for high flow rates while minimizing pressure drop....

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Clean Fuel & Lubricant - 7

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Polish. Unstable fluids and the tank itself can be a source of contamination. Final filtration on the outlet with Donaldson filters ensures that targeted ISO cleanliness levels are achieved before fluids are pumped into your system. Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions • 7

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Clean Fuel & Lubricant - 8

Clean Diesel Kits Clean Diesel Kits Donaldson Clean Diesel Kits provide simple, effective outlet filtration on fuel dispensers to allow you to pump clean fuel into your vehicles and equipment. These kits are easy to install on any fuel dispenser and come with everything needed to filter out even the finest contaminants before they can enter your equipment’s fuel system. With the included easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, you’ll have effective, efficient filtration in minutes. Parallel Filtration Parallel Filtration The Compact Clean Diesel Kit is designed for use on mobile service...

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Clean Fuel & Lubricant - 9

Clean Diesel Carts The Donaldson diesel filter cart X770816 provides a convenient portable mode of off-line filtration, flushing and fluid transfer. Use it with your in-plant machinery and mobile equipment to achieve and maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels. In-series pressure filter can provide fine particle removal and a water absorbing element to obtain particulate and water removal. The powerful 50 lpm pump provides efficient fluid transfer and filtration. The Donaldson diesel filter cart is designed with performance, convenience and safety in mind. Its value added features make it...

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Fuel and Lubricants Filters jgl Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Fuel and Lubricants Filters Donaldson Clean Solutions filters provide unsurpassed cleanliness in a single pass. They are perfect for inlet and outlet filtration applications. Their spin-on design enables fast and simple filter changes without special tools and provides greater protection from contamination during service than traditional cartridge style filters. These filters incorporate our best technology and construction to handle all fuels and lubricants in all as operating environments. Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction...

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Fuel and Lubricants Filters FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Part Number Fluid Compatibility Recommended Viscosity Range Ethanol-free fluids Working Pressure Element Collapse Pressure Rated Static Burst Nominal Dimensions Operating Temperature *Select the proper filter by fluid type and OE recommended ISO code. Do not over-filter fluids. Doing so may result in the stripping of beneficial additive. **Actual flow rate varies based on fluid viscosity, pumping pressure and filter loading. ***DERT™ Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology prevents media damage during high flow fuel applications. See...

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