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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FOR CHEMICAL PROCESSING Tetratex® ePTFE Membrane Filter Media: • Optimizes filter performance • Increases bag life and production rates • Reduces downtime

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TETRATEX & THE CHEMICALS INDUSTRY Donaldson Membranes is well established as a supplier to the chemical industry, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing filter media solutions. We have developed our products in close co-operation with customers, utilising 30 years of Tetratex® ePTFE membrane Tetratex ePTFE membrane filter media can bring about improvements to a wide range of applications within a variety of chemical manufacturing processes, giving improved collection efficiencies, airflow and throughput, often increasing production levels beyond those previously possible....

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tetratex in action Tetratex ePTFE membranes are used in many parts of the chemical manufacturing process, giving improved airflow and throughput, which translates into increased production rates. Calcining - Milling - Kilns - Dryers - Micronising - Classifying - Venting CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE WITH TETRATEX #6255 AT PREMIER CHROMIUM PRODUCER TETRATEX MEMBRANE ELIMINATES CMC EMISSIONS AT MAJOR CHEMICAL PLANT Donaldson Membranes #6255 Woven Glass filter media has provided consistent performance at a major plant of a world renowned producer of Chromium Oxide. The plant, which produces a number...

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TETRATEX® - A COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO *Product matrix correct as of October 2012; this chart is subject to change at any time without prior notice Please note the products stated above are not certified for Food and Pharmaceutical applications. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS For further information please contact: Donaldson Filter Components Ltd Donaldson Membranes Southeast Asia Donaldson Membranes No. 3 Changi Business Park Vista #C Donaldson Membranes 2012 All rights reserved This publication Is Issued to provide outline Information only which (unless agreed In writing by Donaldson...

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