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AIRBORNE MOLECULAR CONTAMINATION FILTERS Semiconductor Filtration BSMmax - THE NEXT GENERATION OF BROAD SPECTRUM MEDIA FILTRATION Since Donaldson first introduced broad spectrum filter media for the semiconductor industry, considerable studies have gone into the actual levels of contaminant types in ambient air. Simultaneously, tool manufacturers have shown increasing concern about the presence of Si-containing compounds in cleanroom air and the resulting irreversible damage to optical elements. To meet these increasingly complex and stringent demands, Donaldson developed the BSMmax filter that offers the maximum protection, filter life, and flexibility for the broadest spectrum of contaminants that can degrade tools and processes. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Condensable organics (HMDSO, TMS) • More capacity than current carbon filters • These filters are eligible for the Donaldson Refill Program • Global sales and service BSMmax chemical filters are available for chemical filtration cabinets.

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BSMmax FILTERS SYSTEM RESULTS Expected Life with BSMmax - Ammonia* Expected Life with BSMmax - Sulfur Dioxide* Expected Life with BSMmax - HMDSO* BSMmax Filter Part No. System WxHxD Design Airflow Pressure Drop Approx. Weight * Expected life is dependent upon actual fab conditions and based on system results using Donaldson filters in a LITHOGUARD-12 cabinet. Contact Donaldson today for more information! Hong Kong/China © 2009 Donaldson Company. All Rights Reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

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