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FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Air Intake Systems Standard product offering for engines & vehicles For any dust condition or airflow requirement, Donaldson air intake systems deliver clean air when engines need it most. Donaldson Delivers

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Why Donaldson Broad Air Product Offering Light to Heavy Dust Conditions Air Cleaners for New Equipment Replacements for In-Use Equipment Wide Variety of Accessories PowerCore® • PowerPleat™ E Series • F Series • S Series PSD, PCD, ECD, EBB, ECD, EBA, ERA, ECG, FWA, FHG, FPG, FKB, FRG, FTG, XRB, SRG, STB, SSG Custom PowerCore® intake systems are the new standard on OE equipment around the world. OEs now have access to off-the-shelf line of original PowerCore PSD and PCD air cleaners. Proven Technology PowerCore® Systems Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Technology RadialSeal™ Sealing Technology Pleatloc™...

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Injection and Blow-Molded Air Cleaners Our non-metal finish is black plastic and can be found on our DuraLites, PowerCore® (PSD and PCD), PowerPleat™ and other radial seal air cleaners (FPG, XRB, FKB). Advantages include: • Lighter weight than metal air cleaners • Corrosion and chemical resistant • Impact, mar and vibration resistant Polymer Coating Resists Corrosion Donaldson's gloss black finish -on most of our metal air cleaners (ERA, FVG, FRG) - is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Advantages include: • Improved durability. Coating lasts 5 to 10 times longer than...

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Air Filter Features & Technology RadialSeal™ filter seals Axial filter seals RadialSeal filters slip easily on and off the outlet tube during installation and service. This design eliminated the separate gaskets used with metal end-cap filters. Designed to protect the filter media and provide structural integrity. Strong, pliable gasket ensures a leak-free seal when properly installed. The gasket won’t harden or deteriorate over the useful life of the filter. Applied to both inner and outer liners, beading is designed to stabilize the media and prevent pleat tip wear. Pleatloc™ media...

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Filtration Performance The standard filter media in our primary air filters is a cellulose based material used primarily in single and two-stage intake system applications (e.g., offroad, on-highway trucks, buses and underground mines.) We also have flame retardant and vibration resistant cellulose media variations that are required in specialty engine applications. Key factors that affect air cleaner selection and performance The engine intake system is designed to direct, isolate and capture contaminant before it reaches the engine. The dust environment in which the engine must work, the...

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Donaldson Air Filtration Technologies Help OEMs Meet Global Emissions Regulations The emissions solutions introduced to meet diesel engine emissions regulations have resulted in numerous vehicle design changes for original equipment manufacturers. Changes that we have seen include engine compartment size reductions and lower system weight requirements. For engine manufacturers, regulators now recognize that engine blow-by gas emitted from the crankcase is a major emissions source and require that the vent be closed or filtered with high efficiency filtration. Donaldson has been providing...

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Air Filtration Go-To Place Need to find a local source for Donaldson air filtration products? > go to Need to select a new air cleaner? > go to Need a replacement filter for your air cleaner? > go to Looking for a PDF file of our Engine Intake Systems Catalog? > go to View what we have...

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with a Local Touch hen move to our er hubs – meaning the Logistics – We work with a network of transportation and logistics companies, consolidators and cross-docking facilities to deliver products to distribution partners quickly and efficiently. Distribution Partners – We’ve built one of the largest, strongest and most responsive distributor networks in the filter industry – meaning you can find the filters and support you need, nearly anywhere in the world. ERICAS, EUROPE, RICA AND ASIA PACIFIC OSS REFERENCE AUSTRALIA CROSS REFERENCE for Light,...

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