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AG Aluminum SH Steel Industrial Filter Housings ® AirCel

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The price of ineffective and inefficient filtration Liquid water entering refrigerated air dryer. Inefficient dryer operation leading to higher cost and/or inability to meet dew point. Damage to dryer components such as heat exchanger. Install water separator after air compressor and coalescing prefilter before air dryer. Liquid water entering regenerative desiccant air dryer. Inability to meet dew point. Damage to dryer components such as valves and/or desiccant. Install water separator after air compressor and coalescing prefilter before air dryer. Hydrocarbon and/or oil vapors entering...

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AG Superplus Industrial Filter Housings Our top-of-the-line AG Superplus filter housings are equipped with all of the features required to make this the most efficient and cost-effective filter for your compressed air system. Its three-part aluminum housing design allows for easy disassembly and element changeout. Low pressure drop is achieved through optimal flow-path design. The tapered bowl and non-turbulent lower filter zone assure that no condensate gets re-entrained in the airstream. Our programmable Economizer differential pressure gauge notifies maintenance personnel of the optimal...

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Ultradepth® FF, MF & SMF Coalescing/Particulate Filter Elements The unique design of Ultrafilter's Ultradepth FF, MF and SMF filter elements creates a two-stage filtration process within one element. The retention rate of 0.01 ìm particles in our SMF element is a remarkable 99.99999%. This is made possible by the use of our patented Ultrair® binder-free borosilicate glass fiber media. This media also allows for very low pressure drop, which means that you get the highest efficiency at the lowest energy cost. Ultrair HTNX elements are available for applications up to 180° F. Ultrac® AK...

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Economizer Programmable Differential Pressure Gauge AG Superplus filter housings are equipped with the Economizer programmable differential pressure gauge. Using stored data of important parameters such as power cost and filter element price, while monitoring pressure drop, Economizer control logic calculates the optimum point at which to change the filter element, keeping operating costs at their lowest possible point. An indicator light notifies maintenance personnel when the element should be changed. The Economizer can also be connected to a central monitoring system. Cost reductions of...

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3-Piece Housing X X 2-Piece Housing X X Econometer Äp Gauge X X Economizer Äp Gauge X X Float Drain Valve X X Ultramat UFM-T Zero Air-Loss Drain X X NPT Connections X X ANSI Flanged Connections X X ANSI Polyester Powder Finish X X X X Maximum Op. Pressure 150 psig 150 psig Maximum Op. Temp. 250° F 250° F AG Aluminum SH Steel Industrial Filter Housings Product Summary & Technical Data AG Standard and Superplus filter housings are designed for the purification of compressed air and gases in industrial applications. Threepiece aluminum housings with NPT connections are available in a nominal...

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AirCel • Activated carbon filters • Adsorption dryers • Breathing-air purifiers • Cartridge filters • Chillers • Condensate drains • Coolers • Cyclone separators • Demisters • Disposable filters • Elements • Emulsion separators Trust Donaldson Compressed Air & Gas to deliver a complete range of compressed air purification solutions that improve air quality throughout your plant - from the compressor room to all points of use. With over 30 years of expertise in compressed air filtration and separation, Donaldson manufactures a complete line of drying and filtration equipment in an...

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