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jgl Donaldson. FILTRATION SOLUTIONS AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Design, Testing and Evaluation Capabilities Our customers expect us to create custom filtration systems and technologies that deliver superior performance, quality they require and the peace of mind they want. Our research and product development facilities are some of the best in the industry. Through the use of our advanced computer modeling capabilities, we can optimize filter design and exhaust system solutions. We can design, manufacture and test proprietary media in order to reach optimum filtration performance. Look to Donaldson for thoroughness and reliability in design, testing and quality control facilities. CAD (Computer Aided Design) Donaldson uses the latest CAD software to model new products and calculate product properties such as mass, center of gravity, and moments of inertia. Additionally, interference and tolerance stack up can be checked with this software to eliminate design errors. Over 100 Unigraphics seats are used within Donaldson, as well as capabilities using Pro-Engineer, and Calma. Filter and Media Models Donaldson has many internally developed proprietary computer models which enable us to predict media performance for a given fiber mixture, initial pressure loss for filter elements of various configurations, and filter loading with many different contaminants. This enables us to quickly work through many design concepts to optimize the filtration system for a unique application. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) One of the most powerful tools Donaldson has is our CFD software and expertise in using it. Donaldson uses STAR-CCM software to predict properties such as pressure loss, flow distributions, and particle trajectories. This analysis is key to reducing unnecessary pressure losses in the filters and maximizing filter life. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Donaldson also uses our FEA capabilities (ANSYS) to ensure structural integrity of our designs and optimize weight, strength and cost of our products. Acoustical Computer Modeling Engine exhaust and other products requiring acoustical expertise are an important part of Donaldson. Because of this, Donaldson has invested in significant acoustical modeling and test capabilities. Both WAVE and COMET software packages are used to model the acoustics of product designs within Donaldson. Among the capabilities these packages offer are fluid to surface interactions and radiated (shell) noise.

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Prototype Filter Media Lab Capabilities Unique to the industry, the Donaldson filter media research and development facility provides a capability to develop, test, and produce pilot quantities of proprietary media formulations. This facility supports advanced filtration needs for applications as diverse as military tanks, computer disc drives, and semiconductor processing. Filter media development capabilities include: • Laser displacement meter • Pore size distribution measurement • True density measurement • Submicron salt loading and efficiency • Mullen Burst • TMI Monitor/Burst for...

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Air Filtration Lab Capabilities • High flow test bench laboratory--a large, single-source test area with greater than 22,000 cfm capability that is used for full-scale qualification testing of high-flow rotorcraft products. • Flow bench test laboratory: a climate controlled custom airflow bench laboratory specifically built for military and defense products that includes seven flow test stations, ensuring maximum data accuracy under a variety of conditions and specifications. • Military Air Cleaner & Filter Testing - MIL-PRF-46736 & MIL-PRF-62048 • Air Cleaner Testing - ISO 5011, SAE J726 •...

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Chemical Services Lab Instrument Capabilities • Infrared Spectroscopy • High Performance Liquid Chromatography • Ion Chromatography • Gel Permeation Chromatography • Reverse Phase Chromatography • Normal Phase Chromatography • Thermal Analysis • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) • Aerospace Chemical Breakthrough Bench • Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) • Thermogravimetric Mass Spectroscopy • Accelerated Surface Area and Porosity System • Chemical Breakthrough Bench • Gas Chromatography • Coulter Multisizer • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) •...

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