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page 57 | Q-Fiber CWDM 0-Fiber CWDMDescription Q-Fiber CWDM is a wavelength division multiplexing technology which allows transmission of up to 18 optical channels through a single fiber. The channel spacing is 20 nm. The ability to transfer information in one fiber makes it possible to build low-cost metropolitan and wide area networks. CWDM technology enables the transmission of up to 10 Gb/s per channel, as well as any configuration in the following modes: ADD & DROP, MUX and DMUX. Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTx, PON. Properties » Packaging: LGX, ODF19", splice tray, ABS » Description of the wavelength on the front panel » Any configuration of fiber optic connectors » Wavelength range from 1270 nm to 1610 nm » Each product is custom-made » All modules are sealed with a label guarantee » Modules are packed in a protective cardboard box Photos and dimensions How to order CWDM Type: M=Mux D=Dmux MD=Mux/ Dmux Standard equipment » A 3-year warranty » Measurements at different wavelengths » Description of outputs / inputs

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