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Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber - 1

Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-FiberDescription Q-FIber MPO/MTP Patchcords are high-class fiber optic technology products. High quality production materials (Japanese MPO connectors or MTP US Conec connectors) and the involvement of experienced engineers guarantee the best quality transmission. On the production line we use tools from companies such as: Fujikura, US Conec, NTT. Each product is customized, which means Q-Fiber patchcords can come in any configuration. Telecommunications, Data Center, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTX, Measuring Elements. » Any length (length tolerance is up 10 m: 10 cm, above: 1%), » Cable: flat (with jacket), ribbon (without jacket), round, » Cable LSOH, » Termoplastic or termoset connector ferrule, » Up to 24 fibers in MPO/MTP connector, » Compliance with the following standards: PN-EN 61754-7, PN-EN 50377-15-1, I EC PAS 61755-3-31, » RoHS compliance. Max. Insertion loss [dB]< i,oo (grade Cm)<, 1,00 (grade D)^ 0,60 (grade Bm)^ 0,75 (grade D) Typical insertion loss [dB] < 0,50 (grade Cm) < 0,50 (grade D) £ 0,35 (grade Bm) £ 0,50 (grade D) negative value indicates the extension of a fibre possibility to order connectors of diffrent parameters, according to the standards of the customer

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Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber - 2

Ribbon Cable Flat Cable Round Cable Type: Cable type: Core type: Connector Connector type: M=Male Z=Female Type: Cable type: Connectors standard: S=Standard P=Premium (Low Loss) * In order to order a Pigtail/Patchcord MTP one has to use the catalogue code, i.e. PIG.MTP or PAT.MTP ** only for 12F round cable with loose fibers

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Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber - 3

Configuration 12F Type A (for flat cable and ribbon cable): Key up / Key down Configuration 12F Type A (for round cable): Key up / Key up

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Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber - 4

Configuration 12F Type B (for flat cable, ribbon cable, round cable): Key up / Key up Configuration 12F Type C (for round cable): Key up / Key up

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Patchcord MPO/MTP Q-Fiber - 5

Configuration 24F Type B (for flat cable, ribbon cable): Key up / Key down Pos. 13 (Fiber 13) Pos. 14 (Fiber 14) Pos. 15 (Fiber 15) Pos. 16 (Fiber 16) Pos. 17 (Fiber 17) Pos. 18 (Fiber 18) Pos. 19 (Fiber 19) Pos. 20 (Fiber 20) Pos. 21 (Fiber 21) Pos. 22 (Fiber 22) Pos. 23 (Fiber 23) Pos. 24 (Fiber 24)

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