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page 13 | Launch Box Q-Fiber Launch Box Q-Fiber is a section of a fibre-optic cable of a proper length ended with connectors, through which we connect the reflectometer to the measured line. At the beginning section of the fibre-optic connection measured by a reflectometer we encounter coat-type modes, which are strongly attenuated and cause the reverse distribution of high intensity. For this reason the detector is in a saturated state and does not react to light intensity changes. The beginning part of an optic fibre is the so-called "dead zone", in which no events are detected. The application of a tape leader Q-Fiber by complete covering of the dead zone makes it possible to correctly measure the fibre-optical line. OTDR Launch Cable, Equipment Calibration, System emulation of loss, Length, Time delay and Reflectance. » Housing made of plastic 2.5 mm, as a standard in white (on demand other colours available: yellow, light-blue, blue, and green) » Prevents fiber damage and stress during use or transportation » Handle makes it convenient to move » Custom length configurations available » Various connector types » The possibility of placing multiple fibers in one housing » Dimensions [H x W x D]: 67x266x169 mm Core type: Pigtail Information » The Launch Box is entirely custom-made » Product in a solid and comfortable housing » Launch Box sealed with the label guarantee » Product is accompanied by a measurement protocol

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