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IsolatorsOpis Fibre-Optical Isolator is a component of the fibre-optic trunk line, responsible for the attenuation of any reflections, dispersed signals which negatively affect the work of the optical transmitter, and may even lead to its damage. We distinguish polarisation-dependent optical isolators and polarisation-independent optical isolators. PolarisersDescription Fibre-Optic Polariser is an element, whose optic transmittance depends on the polarisation of the incident wave. For one type of polarisation, the transmittance is maximal and for the other type - it is minimal. They are used in transmission systems for the construction of polarisation compensators. This type of devices are used for regulating the status of optical signal polarisation. The structure of this type of optical devices is based on the structure of the optical fibre, which has undergone a partial removal of the fibre-optic coat, and then - in the empty space - a metallic base has been introduced. The length of such element is between ten and twenty centimetres. Circulators Q-FiberDescription Optical Circulator is a passive element of the fibre-optic trunk line equipped, in most cases, in 3 or 4 ports. Transmission of signals between the individual ports is possible only in one direction. The 3-port version permits two-directional transmission in a single optical fibre at one wavelength. The circulator may be ended with any type of connector. Application Telecommunication, WDM systems. Optical amplifiers, FTTX, PON. Properties » Available housings: LGX, ODF19", splice tray, housing ABS » Pigtail length: 0.5 m - 2 m » Legible port description » Types of connectors: SC, ST, E2000, FC, LC, MU, other » Polishing standards: PC, UPC, APC 8° Information » Each circulator is manufactured according to the strict demands of the customer » All circulators are sealed with a guarantee label » Circulators packed in a protective carton during transportation » A 3-year warranty How to order CR | -□-□Number Wavelength: Packaging: Pigtail Cable □=None lenght: diameter:

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