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I Fibre optic SC-SOC connectors 0-Fiber Fibre optic SC-SOC connectors Q-Fiber Description Fibre optic SC-SOC connectors Q-Fiber is an innovative solution created for the needs of FTTX. Thanks to its small size (39mm) connector SC-SOC can be use as "no length" pigtail allowing direct terminationof customers cable with connector and plugging into the device or outlet without using additional devices. It gives also savings in power budget of the FTTXnetwork and that's very helpful for designers and fitters. The ferrulewith output fibre is the most important element of the connector and it's polished in laboratory environment. Factory earned fibre extends only slightly out of the ferrule and hidden under the connectors housing splice gives hidden splice effect. Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTx » Ceramic ferrule »In accordance with ZN-05/TP SA-044, ZN-96/TPSA-07, IEC 61754-4, IEC 61755 »In accordance with RoHS Connector construction Polishing standard How to order Additional equipment SC-SOC - fibre optic SC - SOC APC connector »SC-SOCHolde - holder for splicer for SC-SOC connector, »S0C Holder - replaceableholder for splicer / fibre cutter.

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