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Fiber Optic Distribution Frame 19" 1U Q-Fiber | 18 page Fiber Optic Distribution Frame 19" 1U Q-Fiber consists of the box and distribution board. The installation of a drawer (DS) makes it possible to extend the ODF to an extendable version. The embossments on the bottom of the ODF as well as the organisational fans (optionally) make it possible to organise cables and fibre-optic pigtails in an easy, functional and aesthetic way. Replaceable plugs make it possible to install various cable conduits. Movable side holders make it possible to withdraw the ODF by 35 mm from the mounting plane. Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTx, PON. » Made of 1.2 mm steel sheet »Interchangeable hole plugs allow the installation of various cable glands » Embossing to attach cables inside the box » Small fans making it possible to organise the tubes or pigtail fibres (optional) » Standard color: RAL7035 (light grey) glossy, RAL 9005 (black) glossy, other colors on request » Dimensions [H x W x D]: 44x485x230 [mm] » Temporary side handles allow the withdrawal of ODF 19” by 35 mm Fiber Optic Distribution Frames Fiber optic distribution frame 19" 1U n-draw style Fiber optic distribution frame 19” 1U draw style 19" 1U 12xST/FC/DIN d-hole Panel 19” 1U 24XST/FC/DIN d-hole Panel 19” 1U 12xSC/E2000 simplex Panel* 19” 1U 24xSC/E2000 simplex Panel* 19” 1U 12xSC/ST/FC duplex / LC quad Panel 19" 1U 24xSC/ST/FC duplex / LC quad Panel * Suitable for LC/LX.5/MTR] duplex SC foot print adapters » Custom-made hole plugs » The ODF houses two cassettes DIN24, three cassettes DIN24 SLIM or four cassettes DIN24 WHITE » Product adapted to the FiberQuick system »1U ODF 19" packed in a cardboard box Standard equipment Additional equipment » Cable gland M16xl.5 (cable 05.5 -r- 010 mm) (1 pc) » Mounting screw M6 (4 pcs) » Hole plug 1xZ16+1x020 (1 pc) » Full hole plug (1 pc) » Cable gland M20xl.5 (cable 06 4- 013 mm) » Nylon cable tie 80x2.5 mm » Small fans organising the optical fibres » Pigtails » Splice trays » Adapters

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