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page 9 | Fiber EcoQuick Q-Fiber Fiber EcoQuick Q-Fiber Description Fiber EcoQuick Q-Fiber is a convenient, mechanical system of cable (outdoor or oniverlal) forming involving connections of ready-made terminals in the form of fibre-optic connectors. This technology consists in cutting the central tube or a selected cable with multiple tubes and separating individual fibers. Fibers remain in the 250 urn acrylic shelland are placed inside the empty patchcord cables. The fibers are then sealed up in the housing of the Fiber Quick system on the one side and a selected fiber optic connector is put on the other side. In this way we are able to prevent additional loss which causes attenuation. Pigtails may be protected by a casing pipe of the Fiber Guard system or a tie of Simple Guard system. These systems allow safe pulling of a cable in the telecommunication conduit system. Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTx, PON. » Various lengths of pigtails »1 to 12 pigtails 2.0 mm diameter (0.9 mm or 3.0 mm on request) on both sides of the cable » Any cable length and type » Connectors on the ends: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, MT-RJ, DIN, other » Polishing standards: Flat, PC, UPC, APC 8°, APC 9° » Low insertion loss and high return loss Type: Fiber EcoQuick Cable type: Z=External U=Universal Connector A: Polishing 0=None standards A: S=SC 0=None T=ST F=Flat F=FC P=PC L=LC U=UPC Connector B: Polishing 0=None standards B: S=SC 0=None T=ST F=Flat F=FC P=PC L=LC U=UPC Pigtail Pigtail type: length: P=Straight Length: Protection: P=Cable in a flexible 0055=5.5 m protective conduit : G=Pigtails in 1000=100 m Fiber Guard : S=Pigtails in Simple Guard Z=Cable in a flexible protective conduit, Pigtails in Fiber Guard X=0ther Information » Each product is accompanied by a measurement protocol » Possibility to protect the cable by means of a flexible protective conduit and the pigtails by means of the Fiber Guard system » Each product is customized / produced strictly according to the custom

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