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Ethernet Connectivityfor ITS & Traffic Technology Application Product ■ EN50121-4 / EN ■ NEMA TS2 com Modulized Ethernet Extenders Managed Ethernet Switches Hardened Media Converters Hardened Serial Device Servers

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 2

Intersection Surveillance Cities are using Video Vehicle detection and Video Surveillance cameras at traffic intersections. The video and control for intersections is transported to a control center via IP on Ethernet. EtherWAN's Ethernet equipment is designed to sit in the traffic cabinet without conditioning. Connectivity between traffic cabinets may utilize fiber optic, coaxial or twisted pair cable, EtherWAN provides Ethernet connectivity equipment for any of these media. Hardened 2/4-port Serial Device Server ■ Serial interface with optical isolation protection ■ RS232/422/485 serial...

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 3

Ethernet is the technology of choice for incorporating video cameras at traffic intersections and for connecting cameras monitoring highway traffic. Ethernet has always had both bandwidth and cost advantages over other communication technologies but with the proliferation of IP video cameras it is more effective than ever. EtherWAN has wired and wireless solutions ready with robust designs. EX78000 Managed Hardened 10-port 10/100BASE PoE and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch ■ 10-port 10/100BASE-TX/FX/BX/SFP & 2-port Gigabit-TX/SX/LX/SFP ■ Features a-ring for redundancy with recovery time of <...

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 4

How to design and install effective and reliable underground communications for safety monitoring and control systems? The applications involved in tunnel systems are voice, video and data communications for air flow control, collision prevention fire and safety systems, etc. TCP/IP is the communication protocol of choice, used by system designers. EtherWAN's Hardened Ethernet is the backbone of choice for TCP/IP communication systems. [Fiber-) [Cat. 5) I \opticJ Ethernet/ ^Cablej ' Camera System Emergency Phone EX77000 EX77000 Managed Hardened 24-port 10/100BASE and 4-port...

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 5

In-vehicle Surveillance Mobile video surveillance is becoming more common, as more police departments, ambulance services, and transportation companies see the benefits it can bring. With PoE switches installed in a vehicle, it eliminates the need for an electrician to install an outlet near a powered device. PoE brings efficiency to Ethernet-based communications in mobility by providing power through the Cat-5 LAN cable. EtherWAN's Ethernet solutions bring reliability and robustness to mobile IP applications. Hardened Unmanaged 5-port 10/100BASE (4 xPoE) Ethernet Switch ■ Provides...

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 6

EtherWAN's EN50121-4 certified products are designed for railway applications and guarantee electromagnetic compatibility in the rail environment. The EN50155 certified products comply with the robust requirements of rolling stock applications, such as shock and vibration and humidity and temperature. M12 connectors are available on those products that are installed in the most extreme environments. ER59000 IP67 Managed Hardened 16-port 10/100BASE-TX Ml2 and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch ■ Complies with EN50155/EN50121-3-2/EN50121-4 standards for rolling stock applications ■ All...

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Ethernet Connectivity for ITS & Traffi - 7

Model Name Model Name D: DIN Rail Mounting, R: Rack Mounting, P: Panel Mounting

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