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Cross Link Q-Fiber | 10 page Cross Link Q-Fiber Prefabricated Cables Description Cross Link Q-Fiber is a mechanical system of fibre-optic cable forming used for quick and convenient construction of fibre-optic relations between Server Cabinets (Data Center). It may also be used for connecting distribution frames and local points. Compact solution facilitates the use of up to 12 connections of the LC-type in one module. The chassis 19" 1U may house up to 8 modules, which generates 96 fibre-optic connections. Modules may be equipped with external holders UZCL, thanks to which they may be mounted on a wall, in an energy cabinet, on the machine housing, etc. The universal solution makes it possible to use single-mode cables and multimode cables alike, with coatings, such as PE, LSOH as well as E30, E90 and E180. Data Center, Telecommunication, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN, FTTx, PON. Parameters »1 to 12 pins on both sides of the cable » Any cable length and type » Adapters: LC (MM), LC/PC (SM), LC/APC (SM) » Polishing standards: PC, UPC, APC 8° » Low insertion loss and high return loss » Possibility to terminate up to 96 fibres in the Chassis 1U housing »It is possible to be mounted on a wall (by means of UZCL holders) » Available colours: black, silver Max. number of fibers: Numbers of fibers in the Chassis 1U: Dimensions: Wall mounting: Max. cable diameter: Max. drawing load: Photos and dimensions How to order Adapters: (side A): P=LC/PC MM U=LC/PC SM A8= LC/APC Cable type: Number Z=External of fibers: Adapters: Length: UZCL External holders with mounting bolt (wall mounting) CH-CL-1U Cross Link Chassis 19" 1U Q-Fiber » Each product is accompanied by a measurement protocol » Possibility to protect the cable by means of a flexible protective conduit » Each product is customized / produced strictly according to the customer's order » Possibility to produced hybrid Cross Link - Fiber Quick

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