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ACCELERATE YOUR ADVANTAGES ACCELERATE YOUR FLEXIBILITY A BROAD RANGE OF APPLICATIONS ADDITIONAL FEATURES Modular machine design offers the maximum flexibility in the packaging of ampoules, vials, syringes, pens, injectors, blisters and an almost unlimited variety of other pharmaceutical products. ■ New, compact packaging designs ■ Wide range of applications in terms of products and packaging design ■ Proven technology ■ Small footprint ■ Fast line clearance due to GMP compliant design ■ Fast change over ■ No waste on start-up after machine stop ■ Reliability in the packaging process ■...

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NeoTRAY CONCEPT THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS COMBINED 100 % MONOMATERIAL PACKAGING SOLUTIONS ENGINEERED TO PROTECT ANY PRODUCT Packaging design plays a key role from the very beginning DEVELOPMENT IS TEAMWORK Dividella’s project team is intimately involved in the entire development process right from the start. All products which are to be packaged are therefore clearly defined at the beginning of each project. The aim is to package as many medicines as possible using the same design and therefore, on the same machine. To make the packaging process as efficient as possible, Dividella’s packaging...

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NeoTRAY CONCEPT THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS COMBINED TOP AND SIDE LOADING WORKING TOGETHER IN CONTINUOUS MOTION = HIGH SPEED TRAY FORMING SECURE TRAY AND PRODUCT TRANSPORT GMP Compliant Construction and Clean Design Main Safety Features ■ Table top and balcony designs combined to provide a work area that supports a quick and error free line clearance and one that is also easily cleanable ■ Safety system from B&R integrated into the overall machine control concept Elegantly designed, light and easily manageable format parts ■ Fast machine changeover – can be performed by one operator in less than...

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NeoTRAY CONCEPT THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS COMBINED PROVIDING SOLUTIONS WITH FEEDING SYSTEMS FOR ALL SHAPES AND SIZES – WITH NO RESTRICTIONS Syringe Inserter The Syringes are delivered lying down through a puck system Syringe Infeed With overhead conveyor and no glass on glass contact Pen Insertion Pens or Injectors are delivered lying down through a puck system Pen Insertion Pens or Injectors are delivered standing upright through a puck system Vial Infeed Standing Vials are delivered via a feeding table to the pick and place handling units Ampoule Infeed Standing Ampoules are delivered via a...

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NeoTRAY CONCEPT THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS COMBINED BECAUSE WE DON’T JUST BUILD MACHINES □ I VIDELL A FARGO MEDISEAL RONDO SE IDEM ACER SYSTEC a SERVICES TRAXEED WERUf.l CUSTOMER SUPPORT ■ Ticket System (JIRA) ■ Emergency Hotline ■ Remote Access ■ Worldwide Service Organization ■ Operational Training ■ Maintenance Training ■ Electrical & Software Training ■ Production Support ■ Validation & Qualification ■ Engineering / Feasibility Studies ■ Packaging Engineering ■ OEE Analysis ■ Carton Gluing System ■ HMI Upgrades ■ Feeding Unit Upgrades ■ Module Upgrades FIELD SERVICE_ ■ Troubleshooting /...

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NeoTRAY TWO WORLDS COMBINED Our core values As market leader for innovative pharma packaging solutions, we allow no compromises in the quality of our products and our customer service. With our engineering and packaging development expertise, we contribute to our customers' success. We act in partnership and we are personally responsible for the results of our work.

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