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kOrber solutions NeoTOP 1604 ALWAYS ADAPTING TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS. COMPLIANCE IN PACKAGING DESIGN NeoTOP 1604 Modular and extendable packaging system, so you‘re not stuck on one implementation; enabling flexible and efficient production. range of formats max. no. of output l x w x h in mm partitions packs/min Patient - clear product overview thanks to top opening - patient guidance - products and leaflets are easily accessible - easily re-closable Logistics - flat mono-material (cardboard) blanks (inbound) - compact dimensions (outbound) - product protection - late stage customization SPEED UP mid-size and large lot production up to 16 mio packs per year Production - lower total cost of package TCP - safe process (100% verification after loading) - lower total cost of ownership TCO (flexible platform - quick format change over Marketing - flat cardboard blanks printable on both sides - brand recognition - sustainability (no plastic) Regulatory - tamper evident closing - security options - T & T CARTON ERECTING MODULE The magazines for the flat blanks - partitions and carton - are positioned for high visibility and are accessed from outside.They can be filled during operation. The flat blanks are erected and glued into cartons and placed on a vacuum conveyor. The correct shape of the pack is checked and defective packs are ejected. Carton erection and partition forming are active, servomotor driven processes. PRODUCT INSERTION MODULE CARTON CLOSING MODULE Products are laid in automatically. Dividella offers a wide range of product feeders that ensure gentle handling and safe loading of the product. Thanks to the modularity, feeders can be retrofitted at a later stage on site. Format changes are performed quickly, easily and using no tools. The change parts are pinned. No fine adjustment is required after a format change. Other infeeding functions such as leaflet or booklet insertion can be accomplished on this module as well. Conform to Directive 2011/62/EU cartons can be closed in various ways, using hotmelt, fugitive glue or labels, with or without tamper-evidence - see above examples - and finally, packs which have not been confirmed as correct at all stations are ejected.

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