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DID's Quality Assurance ¡Customer satisfaction is our priority. ¡All DAIDO members are committed to quality. ¡Quality control based on facts is assured. With activities based on these quality policies, our quality assurance system is internationally authorized to state that our products conform All of our employees keep a copy of our "Quality Control Practice Manual" at hand as their bible of quality control and refer to it during routine activities. to the ISO9000 series and API. ISO9001/2000 Certification It is indispensable to obtain the certification of ISO9001/2000 for supplying...

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General catlog 2011 - 5

Cautions Cautions for handling of chains and sprockets Before handling chains and sprockets, please understand the respective structures and specifications correctly, and read the following cautions for using them safely. 1 Handling of chains and sprockets 2 Chain Installation Connection For safe work ¡Always wear clothes suitable for work and proper protection (safety glasses, safety shoes, etc.). ¡In addition to site workers, other people near the work site are also required to be careful. ¡Strictly observe Section 1 "General Standards" (prevention of danger by prime movers, revolution...

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General catlog 2011 - 6

(1) Lubrication (See P.132 ~ 134 and P.342.) Except for some chains of special materials or elements, most chain life can be prolonged with lubrication. A chain which requires lubrication will be shortened in life without lubrication. For example, chain elongation, corrosion and stiff joint occur due to wear of some chain parts. (2) Washing Washing If a chain is used with a material such as sand or metallic powder, the promotion of wear, stiff joint, etc. will be caused, shortening life. Wash away such harmful materials. For washing, dip the chain into kerosene, dry, and sufficiently...

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General catlog 2011 - 7

Cautions Cautions for using roller chains for lifting Based on the "Chain Safety (Technical) Standards" and "End Fittings" proposed by Japan Chain Association to the Japan Parking System Manufacturers Association Incorporated and multilevel parking machine manufacturers in February and October, 1993, the cautions necessary for using roller chains (hereinafter called chains) for lifting are stated below. 1 Safety factor 3 Connection between a chain and an end fitting The "Mechanical Parking Area Technical Standard" sets the safety factors of ropes and chains as "5 for system A", "7 for...

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General catlog 2011 - 9

INDEX 1 Roller Chains for Power Transmission 3 Conveyor Chains 2 Small Conveyor Chains 8

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General catlog 2011 - 10

Keys and Symbols Dirty Environment Dusty 4 DK Specialty Conveyor Chains Sandy or dusty environment. Maintenance-Free Great Savings Tensile strength index 100 Great cost savings can be achieved through longer life and less down time. Index of tensile strength Corrosive atmosphere (by CAS test). Moisture, Salt Water Alkaline Environment Acidic Environment Clean Areas (Standard chain is the 10 100 Allowable Load 5 Photo / Sprocket Where lubrication is infrequent or prohibited. Corrosive Atmosphere Atmosphere where exposure to rain, moisture, and sea water is present. Atmosphere where alkaline...

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General catlog 2011 - 11

Index (In alphabetical order) Product No. Description 10 Page

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Product No. Description 11 Page

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General catlog 2011 - 14

Roller Chains for Power Transmission ¡General ¡Standard Roller Chain ¡High-strength Roller Chain Series ¡Ultimate Life Chain Series ¡Environment Resistance Chain Series ¡Low Noise Chain Series ¡Specialty Chain Series 13

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General catlog 2011 - 15

Roller Chains for Power Transmission General Allowable ambient temperature Hygiene circumstances Low temperature High temperature P18~47 Low Noise JIS · ISO Resistant against alkali, acid liquid Standard Roller Chain Resistant against corrosive gas Page Dusty circumstances Product No. Wear resistance Classification by use High tension General Roller Chains for Power Transmission Functions HK High-strength Roller Chain Series HI-PWR-S P48~63 -10~80 °C HI-PWR-S HK T, D P68~71 DHA -10~60 °C UR Ultimate Life Chain Series -10~200 °C UR-F P72~79 LX, LD -10~120 °C LDSSP 120~200 °C N E P82~87...

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General catlog 2011 - 17

Roller Chains for Power Transmission General Roller Chains for Power Transmission Dimensions and Performance of DID General Application Chains DID general application chains can be classified into two types in reference to strength; standard series chains complying with ANSI roller chains and HK series chains complying with ANSI, which have outer and inner plates thicker than those of standard chains. The standard series include two lines; standard roller chains, and HI-PWR-S chains improved in fatigue strength and shock resistance compared to the standard roller chains. You can use them as...

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General catlog 2011 - 18

Pins support all the load acting on the chain, together with inner and outer plates, and when the chain is engaged with a sprocket, the pins slide as bearings. They are required to be high in shearing strength and bending strength, and especially wear resistance. Bushings act to prevent the shock received through rollers when the chain is engaged with a sprocket from being directly transmitted to pins, and also act as bearings, along with the pins. So, they are required to be high in shock fatigue strength and wear resistance. Rollers act to smoothly bend the chain when the chain is engaged...

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General catlog 2011 - 19

Standard Roller Chain Standard Roller Chain Roller Chains for Power Transmission Roller Chains for Power Transmission Worldwide standard chains complying with JIS and ANSI The 14 sizes of DID standard roller chains are available ranging from DID25 to DID240 including those in conformity with ANSI (American National Standard Institute), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The chains not only meet the requirements for the minimum tensile strength prescribed by ANSI and ISO, but they also provide the top class quality in the world including a high fatigue strength....

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