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deegee Beacon Lamps & Sounders

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Welcome to DG Controls Limited! Whilst strongly market led, our development team regularly introduce concept products to push the boundaries of visual hazard warning and information display; many of these concept devices become standard within our range when welcomed by our customers. Since the founding of the company in 1967, customers and staff have always been of highest priority. Early in 2001, this emphasis was recognised and rewarded by our gaining the prestigious Investors in People award, which can only be achieved after rigorous auditing not only of the company's personnel training...

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D.G. Controls Limited? A UK-based company dedicated to the manufacture of Beacon Lamps and Hazard Warning products since 1967. deegee? The registered brand name and trademark of D.G. Controls Limited. Origin? All of our products are designed and manufactured in our own factory on our 1.1 hectare site in the UK. This means we can react rapidly to your needs. Applications? Our products are in reliable operation all over the world. Applications include factory automation, hazard warning, signalling, airports, fire alarm systems, security, machinery status, wind generators, high buildings,...

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Stacking Beacon Indicators A range of modular stacking (click-together) beacon lamps with high environmental protection to IP65 standard. These products are ideally suited to internal or external multi-status signalling applications. This modular approach enables stacks to be constructed from any combination of module types and eases the task of design and maintenance engineers, system integrators and stockist/ distributors. The comprehensive range builds from a common base/terminal module and offers choice of visual indicator modules including LED (Rotating, Pulsed and Static), Xenon...

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Stacking Beacon Indicators PSA/B15D Pulsed (Flashing) Filament Lamp Module ! ! ! ! ! Pulsed version of the standard static module SSA/B15D. Standard 5W B15D filament lamp. (Order separately) Alternative lamps up to 10 watts may be used. Can be converted to static operation by removal of wire link on printed circuit board. 50% duty cycle (equal on/off periods). Supply voltage 12Vdc Supply voltage limits Supply current 420mA Luminous intensity Red Yellow Amber Green Blue Clear Lamp rating Nominal flash rate Temperature limits IEC protection class Example Order Code: PSA/DC/24/B15D/Red (Plus...

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Stacking Beacon Indicators ASA Audible Sounder Module ! ! Added as top-module for audible warning. Three different tones available:! Mono-Tone - ASA/MT ! Pulse-Tone - ASA/PT ! Chime-Tone - ASA/CT Counts as one module, allowing it to be addressed independently of the visual indicators. Supply voltage 12Vdc Supply voltage limits Supply current 16mA Sound frequency Sound pressure level @ 1m Temperature limits IEC protection class Example Order Code: ASA/AC/230/PT Universal ‘spacer’ module for additional stack height. Can be used to separate adjacent signals for better discrimination. Does not...

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Tower Beacon Indicators Complete range of Tower Beacon Indicators ready built for simple installation. Ideally suited to all types of multi-status signalling in factories, offices and community buildings. Smooth exterior for easy 'wipe-down' when cleaning. All units feature UV-stabilised polycarbonate lenses, available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear. Top module can have module coloured cap (substitution by optional extra purchase) to allow all over viewing of that key module colour (not available when including Audible Sounder "+AS"). Screw terminals allow 2.5mm² connections....

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Tower Beacon Indicators RTA/LED Revolving LED ! ! ! ! ! Revolving (simulated rotating) for maximum impact. No moving parts. High density LED array. Lower sustained current draw, ideal for low-power applications. Wide operating temperature range. Supply voltage 12Vdc Supply voltage limits Supply current Number of LEDs Red Amber Green Blue Clear Luminous intensity Flash/min Temperature limits IEC protection class Example Order Code: RTA/AC/115/LED/Red/Amber/Green Optimised LED array - up to 2.5x brighter than units employing plug-in clusters. Can be converted to static operation by jumper...

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Tower Beacon Indicators STB/B15D Static Filament Lamp Module Standard filament lamp Supplied complete with Supply voltage Supply voltage limits Supply current: Lamp rating Temperature limits Environmental protection class Example Order Code: STB/UC/230/B15D/Red/Amber/Green Example Order Code: STB/DC/12/LED/Red/'Amber/Green For Installation Accessories please refer to page 73 Cadley Hill Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9TB, ENGLAND.

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Series TC Micro-Towers and Micro-Beacons A unique range of IP65 rated Micro Beacon Lamps and Tower Indicators. Unobtrusive yet definitive and incorporating high brilliance LED illumination, these are ideal for industrial, fire, security and automation markets. The STC/LED range is manufactured either as a single Micro Beacon with point-of-sale choice of 6 lens colours Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear or Yellow, or as a 2, 3, 4 or maximum 5-module Tower, each of the towers being supplied with all 6 colour lenses, allowing for customer colour choice and position. With a diameter of only 32mm, a...

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LED Indicator Panels Latest technology Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) configured into a high-density matrix. This advanced range of LED Indicator Panels is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications such as Loading-Bay Signalling, Shutter Door Status, On-Site Traffic Management, Dockside Signalling, Factory Control, “FIRE” Alarm Warning, “STOP” Signalling, etc. Standard 24Vdc, 115Vac and 230Vac models are available and all units are enclosed in an IP65 UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing (200x150x80mm) for protection against the elements. Single colour units employ a front lens the same...

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Example Order Code: IPN/AC/230//TROLED/008/Amber For Installation Accessories please refer to page 73 Cadley Hill Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9TB, ENGLAND.

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