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l,cData recording kctQ never been tkiQ easy"

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is sure to become your lgo-tol instrument" Only 17.4 pounds and shock/vibe tested against tough standards (see page 6). dedicated 1 TB hard disk (opt. SSD) for data. Continuous gap-free storing Independent sampling rate per module. PCIe data interface and SYNC are included. Add a DEWE2-F chassis and expand your Slow speed inputs connect directly to the your high speed channels! Ingenious low noise design □EWETRON Test & Measurement Solutions

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TrendCorder by DEWETRON - 3

It’s really easy to use Recording by one touch! Multi-touch functionality for fast, intuitive navigation through your captured data It's flexible 4 Slots for user exchangeable modules for virtually every sensor. It's affordable Unrivaled price/performance ratio. You won't believe how affordable it is. It's a safe investment It's precise Modules up to 1 MS/s @ 24 bit and up to 2 MS/s @ 16 bit Upgradeable computer engine 64 bit Windows or Linux 64 bit application software Multi-touch operation

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TrendCorder by DEWETRON - 4

@ TRENDCORDER Software Overview rQfi (jou like eaQ(j-to-uQe apps, you'd hue Measuring Mitk ourlrendOorder. Recording data Basic recording requires no more than start - stop - view. Freely configurable screens, triggers, markers, etc. are available, too. Browsing and zooming data The integrated multi-touch support simplifies these tasks enormously. Gestures that you use on your smart phone, also work on the TrendCorder. Free viewing of data anywhere The software can be installed on any number of PCs for free, so sharing of data sets with colleagues or customers is easy and without any cost....

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TrendCorder by DEWETRON - 5

This special feature allows you to view the data in the past (since start and measurement) even during long term Comparing - Analyzing - Reporting Statistic Functions like Crest Factor Mean Value Standard Deviation Statistical Quantity Test & Measurement Solutions DEWETRON

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TrendCorder by DEWETRON - 6

mini Centronics sockets DEWETRON Test & Measurement Solutions

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TrendCorder by DEWETRON - 7

Expansions TRENDCORDER High speed expansions Test & Measurement Solutions DEWETRON

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DE-B140601E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to change without notice. © DEWETRON Ges.m.b.H.

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