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For sampling rates up to 1 MS/s per channel data is directly stored to the hard disk all the time. You just start the data storage before the test and stop it afterwards. This way there is no stress for the test engineer about the right trigger setup and it works for up to 64 channels sampled at 1 MS/s each. Key Features High channel count, up to 64 channels per system Simultaneous sampling of analog channels and liked systems Sampling rates from 1 MS/s to 200 MS/s per channel Hardware trigger functions Huge acquisition memory up to 2 GS per card Of course running such measurement for a long time results Easy to use and powerful software in huge amount of data, e.g. 64 channels at 1 MS/s each for 1 minute is almost 8 GB of data. DEWETRON addressed this fact by inventing a super fast data reload technology. It is a matter of seconds to reload the data file and then you just cut out the area of interest for analysis and archiving. This new kind of Transient Recorders use only short buffer memory on the A/D cards, a hardware trigger is still available. For higher sampling rates up to 200 MS/s per channel still large onboard memory directly on the A/D cards is offered. DEWETRON offers a nice range of cards with 128 MS standard memory and options up to 2 GS. All these cards are hardware triggered and then record data to their memory. After recording data is downloaded to the systems hard disk for permanent storage. All these cards also can be used in the stream to disk mode for data rates up to 180 MByte/s. Signal Conditioning The fast streaming to disk capabilities of DEWETRON systems define the transient recording application in a new way. DEWE-TR ... Streaming machine that fits Transient Recorder Instruments Dedicated Instruments Transient Recorder

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Transient Recorder TR Instruments Only your choice of AD boards is required to complete these instruments DEWE-80x-TR 800 Direct analog input channels (BNC connectors, max.) Number of M2i series A/D cards (max.) Conditioned analog input channels via DAQP-modules (max.) Internal quasi-static temperature inputs (with DEWE-ORION-0816-1000 A/D cards only) External quasi-static channel expansion (with DEWE-ORION-0816-1000 A/D cards only) EPAD interface, up to 16 EPAD2 modules = 128 ch Data storage Hard disk Max. gap free storing to disk Typ. duration of recording (16 ch. / 10 kS/s/ch. / 16 bit)...

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Transient Recorder EPAD interface, up to 16 EPAD2 modules = 128 ch Hard disk Hard disk Battery powered, 3 battery slots 2), 3 batteries for ~2 hrs. operation incl., incl. external AC power supply optional external DC power supply High-speed monitoring of a welding process DEWETRON transient recorders with DAQP modules offer fast sampling and great isolated signal conditioning for demanding measurements. A good example is monitoring of a welding process, where additional high-speed video is also a great feature. Dedicated Instruments Signal Conditioning

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Transient Recorder Configurations All DEWE-xx0-TR systems are prepared for DAQP signal conditioning modules. DAQP series modules are dynamic isolation amplifiers with high bandwidth up to 700 kHz. The electrical isolation of the signal inputs makes our DAQP modules almost indestructible, and users do not need to be specialists, or worry about details like common mode voltage, ground loops or DUT (Device Under Test) influences. Just connect the signal – be it voltage, pressure, acceleration, force, torque, current etc. – and measure. DAQP modules offer single channel modularity and can be...

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