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ROLL HEIGHT XCP/CCP DATA FROM ECUs LONGITUDINAL/LATERAL ACCELERATION S VELOCITY TEMPERATURE VIDEO DATA FLEXRAY DATA STEERING WHEEL PITCH ANGLE PITCH ANGLE SLIP ANGLE SLIP ANGLE ROAD LOAD DATA > High channel count (16 to 1000 channels) > 24 bit aliasing free sampling > Multiple inputs (voltage, acceleration, strain, etc.) > Support for Kistler RoaDyn® measurement wheels > Export to different file formats (supports RPC III ) > Battery powered, portable system for in-vehicle use > Real-time analog output (ORION only) The DEWETRON RLD system is used for durability measurements during real test drives or on testbeds - for a whole vehicle or specific components. The measured data can be exported for replay on a testbed to simulate all forces and vibrations in the laboratory. As an option, DEWETRON RLD systems can be equipped with a real time analog output for testbed integration.

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GPS POSITION AND VELOCITIES ACCELERATIONS AND ROTATIONAL RATES ROAD LOAD DATA APPLICATION DEWETRON systems offer a rugged and portable design for in-vehicle use and fulfill the requirement for high channel counts. The devices cover a wide range of input types such as voltage, strain, temperature, counters, GPS, Video, CAN and OBD II. For testbed simulation the acquired data is exported to an RPC III file format. DUAL USE REAL TIME ANALOG OUTPUT FOR TEST RIG APPLICATION Dual-use allows the DEWETRON RLD system to also be used on the testbed. The same road test environment is measured on the...

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Road Load Data - 3

REMOTE CONTROL The NET option provides for the communication between different DEWETRON instruments. Each unit can be configured as stand alone, as master or as slave. It is also possible to use any PC to remotely control a measurement unit. For road load data measurement the NET option is used to combine several instruments and to increase the total number of measurement channels OFFLINE SETUP To standardize and to simplify the setup procedure of a DEWETRON measurement system, it is possible to do this task using your office PC. Together with the sensor database, the setup can be performed...

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T CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES DEWE2-M4 (with Road Load Data configuration] DEWE2-M13s (with Road Load Data configuration] DEWE2-A13 (with Road Load Data configuration] Analog input channels Digital channels Channel expansion CAN interfaces Video Display Power supply Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight 2 free slots for TRION™ series modules 11 free slots for TRION™ series modules 8 DIO and 2 CTR or 8 DI Yes 4 DEWE-CAM-GIGE-120 or USB External MOB-DISP-x 11 to 32 VDC (max. 10 to 36 VDC) isolated; incl. external AC power supply 318 x 253 x 108 mm 441 x 230 x 177 mm TRION™ series modules are available...

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