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Road Load Data Instruments DEWE-RLD ... One system for in-vehicle and test rig Up to 204.8 kS/s per channel sample rates (binary sampling rates such as 409.6 Hz possible) Universal inputs (voltage, acceleration, strain, etc.) Synchronized acquisition of data from Kistler RoaDyn ® measurement wheels Up to 8 CAN bus interfaces Export to different file formats (supports RPC III) Realtime analog output for test rig application All DEWETRON Road Load Data instruments offer high quality analog inputs with 22 bit resolution and anti-aliasing filters. Realtime mathematics Practical functions include sensor balance and shunt sensor calibration for the bridge/strain gauge inputs. The system can fast-check all inputs or inputs groups for errors. During the data acquisition, the overload display gives an overview of all recorded signals. As various sensors are used, the analog inputs are universal inputs, natively supporting voltage, current and bridge type (full, half and quarter) sensors. Via optional MSI (Modular Smart Interfaces) ICP® sensors, thermocouples, Pt100 to Pt1000 and charge measurements can be done as well. A powerful sensor database and TEDS support are integrated into the software. Besides the analog data also CAN bus and digital status information or counters have to be acquired. DEWETRON RLD systems guarantee the synchronous measurement of all these different types of signals, including video and GPS acquisition of data. The thorough synchronization of all these signals results in a high-quality data. However, other important considerations are the size of the equipment, or the ease of use. DEWETRON is a clear winner in these categories. For testbed simulation the acquired data is exported to RPC III file format and then replayed on the test rig. As an option, some DEWETRON RLD instruments even can be equipped with a real time analog output and used on the test rig, too. Signal Conditioning 22 bit aliasing free sampling There is a nice choice of standard models which can be ordered as a single item. The most compact system DEWE211-RLD is 32 x 25 x 9 cm (12.4” x 9.9” x 3.6”) in size, about 5 kg (11 lbs) light and offers 16 universal analog inputs, two counters, 16 digital inputs and 2 CAN bus interfaces, as well as support for Kistler RoaDyn ® 2000 wheels over Ethernet. Further standard instruments with 64 up to 128 analog inputs and 4 to 8 CAN interfaces are available. The DEWETRON RLD series offers many possibilities for testing the reliability of various vehicle components. The systems are compatible with most sensors (e.g. synchronized to Kistler RoaDyn ® 2000 measurement wheels) while having a very efficient offline set-up. High-quality data acquisition is guaranteed in the shortest amount of time possible. Dedicated Instruments Road Load Data

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Road Load Data Nothing is required to complete these instruments DEWE-2601-RLD-64 Dynamic analog input channels opt. TRION™ series modules Supported analog input signals depending on used TRION™ series modules External quasi-static channel expansion Voltage ±10 V or strain gauge input via two MDAQ-SUB-STG; by optional MSI also IEPE, voltage ±200 V, thermocouple, RTD and charge EPAD interface, up to 16 EPAD2 modules = 128 ch A/D conversion Sampling method Sampling rate Resolution Simultaneous sampling depending on used TRION™ series modules Options RLD-AOUT-64 Real time +-5V conditioned...

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