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WHEEL ANGLE, FORCE, MOMENT VELOCITY CAN BUS DATA MEASUREMENT STEERING WHEEL ROTATIONAL RATES GPS POSITION FLEXRAY BUS DATA GYRO DATA N ATIO LER CCE A ROLL, PITCH, YAW, SLIP ANGLE NT OME E, M C ROBOT DATA FOR , GLE L AN EE WH YOUR BENEFITS DEWETRON systems offer a rugged and portable design for in-vehicle use and fulfill the requirements of a high channel count for vehicle dynamics. The system covers a wide range of input types such as voltage, strain, temperature and also for GPS, Video, CAN and OBD II. In addition to the application of Ride and Handling testing, the systems are engineered to be expanded with additional hardware and software features. >> Synchronized multichannel data acquisition without phase errors >> Guaranteed compatibility with the whole system >> Compact & rugged equipment for in-vehicle use >> Multisensor inputs (voltage, acceleration, strain, etc.) >> Aliasing free sampling and flexible filtering capabilities >> Real-time mathematics >> Support for Kistler RoaDyn® measurement wheels >> Export to different file formats 27

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Depending on the measurement goal, many different sensors are required for different tests. With a DEWETRON Ride and Handling system you can use all established sensors available on the market. The following table shows recommended sensor equipment for each test and the physical parameters of the primary measurement systems. Synchronous and aliasing-free acquisition of the physical channels is guaranteed and all mathematical processing for additional channels can be done online. GPS POSITION VELOCITIES ACCELERATIONS AND ROTATIONAL RATES ROLL, PITCH, YAW CAN/FLEXRAY BUS DATA MEASUREMENT...

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SENSOR DATABASE AND TEDS If necessary it’s possible to zero the sensor or even to renew the calibration parameters. This guarantees the reproducibility, traceability and quality of your measurement results. To make the sensor setup even more automated, our signal conditioning modules support TEDS (Transducer Electronic Datasheet), which is the new „smart sensor interface”. It is a table of parameters (manufacturer ID, model number, serial number, version, and many more) that identifies the transducer. A comprehensive list of sensors and all their parameters, including scaling, units and...

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T CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES Analog input channels Digital channels Channel expansion CAN interfaces Video Display Power supply Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight DE-B160301E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to change without notice. © DEWETRON GmbH 08/2016 TRION™ series modules are available for almost all kinds of sensors SENSORS & ACCESSORIES DEWE-POWERBOX-11 Power distribution box

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