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PU[REC] PURE RECORDING > Portable & rugged > 16 measurement channels > Easy to use touch operation SYNCHRONIZING EXPLORE THE NEW PU[REC]

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RECORDING FEATURES: > Simple recording and storing of data > Quick navigation on your PU[REC] or any PC with an installed (free) OXYGEN software > Effortless data review also while still recording > Various trigger conditions and powerful trigger actions > Time-based and event-based file-split options > Channel-specific storing options for waveform and statistics data recording > Diverse math and calculation features to retrieve insights from your data > Easy report creation and many export features > Local operation and remote control for setup, acquisition and measurement KEY FACTS >...

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ONE DEVICE FOR MANY APPLICATIONS THE NEW PU[REC] IS PORTABLE AND THEREFORE THE IDEAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE TO USE FOR FIELD TESTS. The rugged chassis allows to use the device even in rough environments to analyze electrical or mechanical components in the sectors of industrial, aerospace, transportation and many more. MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE OXYGEN The pre-installed measurement software OXYGEN - also a DEWETRON product - enables gapless data recording. As OXYGEN is the most intuitive measurement software, it enables you to be operated via multi-touch display. Customize the software according to...

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Full-bridge, half-bridge, quarter bridge 120 Q and 350 Q LVDT and RVDT sensors, 5 wire connection IEPE® sensors, typ. accelerometer, microphone Charge type sensors up to 100 000 pC Thermocouple sensors: Standard models for type K, J, T, others on request QUASI-STATIC CHANNEL EXPANSION VIA EPAD2 EPAD2-V8 8 isolated voltage inputs INPUT: max. ± 50 V DEWETRON GmbH, Headquarters Parkring 4, 8074 Grambach, Austria Phone: +43 316 3070 Fax: +43 316 3070 90 E-Mail: info@DEWETRON.com Web: www.DEWETRON.com ABOUT DEWETRON DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer of precision Test & Measurement systems...

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