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Megawattlabor am Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg ©Fraunhofer ISE Power Measurement Suitable for DEWE-PM Key Features Software Measurement of DC, 1-, 2-, 3-, 6- and 7-phase AC systems 16.7 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz, variable frequencies (1.5 Hz up to 10 kHz) Beside the calculation of power for the fundamental oscillation and all signals, questions of harmonics, symmetries, flickers and start-up processes arise. Multiple power measurements with one device Switching frequencies of drive mechanisms having several kHz require sampling rates of several hundred kHz and analogical bandwidths of input amplifiers. The demand of preciseness is far below 0.1 % and this should preferably be the case in the entire frequency spectrum and amplification range. Power quality library for FFT, harmonics, higher frequencies, flicker, flicker emission, symmetrical components etc. and automatic report generations Math-library for efficiency, energy consumption, recuperation calculation Calibration in frequency domain Key Features Hardware High bandwidth up to 6 MHz High accuracy 0.02 % High sampling rate up to 10 MS/s Continuous data storing in full sample rate Flexiblity in number and type of input channels In times of power electronics, power measurement is not only a multiplication of current and voltage, but primarily an analysis of interfering high-frequency and broadband signals. Sinusoidal qualities, as once electric current and voltage, are displaced by pulse packages; power ratings do not have only 50 or 60 Hz any longer. Power Measurement - Power Analyzer Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 2

Hardware High bandwidth of whole measurement chain and high sampling rate Modern frequency converters for electric vehicles work with a pulse frequency up to 100 kHz. To acquire these signals for precise power measuring, it is necessary to choose a high sampling rate. With DEWETRON systems a sampling rate of up to 10 MS/s is possible. This allows exact analysis of the pulse packages of frequency inverters. Furthermore an analog bandwidth of up to 1 MHz should be guaranteed. DEWETRON galvanic isolated amplifiers with a bandwidth up to 2 MHz ensure this. Current input – direct, low-voltage or...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 3

Software The software is user-friendly and easy to use. It is always the same, for measurement and analysis, so you do not have to switch between different software tools. Active power (P), reactive power (Q), apparent power (S), distortion power (D) Cos φ, power factor P, Q, cos φ for each harmonic Symmetrical components (positive, negative and zero sequence components); U, I, P, Q, cos φ; from 10 period values and period values Period values (½ cycle, cycle, overlapping, 1 ms sliding, ...) Power calculation Synchronized calculation intervall over 5 to 60 periods (normally used 10 periods...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 4

Power system frequencies & frequency calculation The software PLL guarantees a very accurate frequency estimation (mHz). The resampling functionality ensures even for very fast frequency changes (inverter with variable frequency) right results without gap and time-delay. It’s also possible to use different power system frequencies for different power measurements within one device. Possible system frequencies: 16.7 Hz (railway applications) Hz, 60 Hz (electrical grid) 50 400 Hz, 800 Hz, (motors, generators on ships, airplanes etc.) Variable from 1.5 Hz up to 10 kHz (e.g. variable drives)...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 5

Power Measurement X/Y recorder Orbitals can be generated online P over Q as example for this function U, I, P and Q up to the 1000st order Individual setup of the number of harmonics including DC-component (example: 20 kHz sampling rate = 100 harmonics @ 50 Hz) Harmonic smoothing filter (according to IEC 61000-4-7) Full- and half weighted sidebands (according to IEC 61000-4-7) Calculation corrected to the actual real frequency Higher frequencies: grouping in 200 Hz bands (according to IEC 61000-4-7)… Background harmonics substractable Optionally definable group-mode for harmonics and...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 6

Math functions With the additional MATH function of DEWESoft™ calcula- tions of for example efficiency, difference of input, output and phase angle differences can be implemented easily. Use all POWER parameters as input value. ■ Highpass, lowpass and bandpass filters ■ Transfer curve function Analysis & report generation according to different standards Within the software or via additional plugins it is possible to do analysis according to different standards and partially also with automatic report generation. Here is a list of covered standards: Recording options Edge, filtered edge and...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 7

Power Measurement Inverter Measurement Application Example for Power Measurement On the one hand, they analyze the PWM generation in detail and need therefore highest sampling rates, high bandwidth and highest accuracy for the whole measurement chain. On the other hand, they do also efficiency measurements and need therefore power measurement at multiple points (3-phase star and delta, 2-phase, 1-phase and DC) and also with different frequencies (variable, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 16.7 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz). Additional measurement channels for mechanical parameters (torque, speed, etc.) and ambient...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 8

Test bench for photovoltaic systems Application Example for Power Measurement The customer is manufacturer of electrical equipment mainly for the energy sector. In the division of solar they provide complete solutions for photovoltaic integration. They have several test bays for analysis of the photovoltaic systems, starting from the DC output of the solar panel up to the grid connection. They want to do a number of analysis at the test-bench like efficiency determination, harmonics analysis, energy generation, profiles of the power generation etc. at different ambient conditions and...

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Power Measurement & Power Analyzer - 10

Desktop & Rack Mobile & Mounted DEWESoft™ file format Third-party interface Export formats: xls, MatLab, FlexPro, DIAdem, Famos, CAN, ComTrade, txt, wav,... Offline file format Fast online reporting Individual visualizations Individual report generation

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