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Power Fault Recording Suitable for DEWE-PFR Power Fault Recorder and Quality-Monitor Key Facts Monitoring of power supply systems Power plant testing and monitoring High-, medium- and low voltage systems Fault recording Harmonics, Flicker Power flow EN 61000 conformity DIP measurements Data can be stored both locally on the PFR‘s internal hard drive, or to a central SQL database. Our flexible system architecture means that multiple databases are supported for one or more PFR systems as well as other DEWETRON instruments. This system-wide interoperability is a feature also unique to DEWETRON. Database storing GPS synchronisation Remote control EN50160, IEEE 1159 ITIC (CBEMA) UNIPEDE The DEWE-PFR power fault recorders are network analyzers for low, medium and high voltage systems. Because of the flexibility of the software, many activities can be done in a single box - from fault recording to RMS monitoring. The instrument provides up to 16 (48) analog voltage or current channels. Along with its main task of monitoring and recording RMS values, PFR-8xx identifies and stores faults as waveforms for detailed analysis. A unique capability of this system is that it can also use calculated line-to-line channels for these events. Power Fault Recording Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 2

DEWE-8xx-PFR Power Fault Recorder and Quality Monitor DEWETRON Power Fault Recorder and Power Quality Monitors can handle many different tasks at the same time in the same box – and this is why DEWETERON PFRs are different: Full flexibility in Hardware and Software is our main advantage. With ONE BOX you can do for example all this at the same time: Transient Fault Recorder (TFR) Disturbance Fault Recorder (DFR) Voltage Recorder (replacement of paper recorders) Power Quality Monitor (PQM) Power Measurement (PM) Single earth fault, violet: affected phase, blue: neutral phase Monitoring...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 3

Power Fault Recording DEWE-818-PFR – Large Substations and Maximum Flexibility The DEWE-818-PFR as the most flexible system in Hard and Software is the right instrument for large substations in all voltage levels. Beside voltage and current even all other physical parameters can be monitored as well. DEWE-821-PFR – Small Substations Software The typical application for the DEWE-821-PFR are medium voltage substations with a small number of feeder lines. DEWE-8xx-PFR – Stand alone Systems For application where no data network is required, very small applications or test bench applications the...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 4

SCADA and Auto-reporting SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. Using DEWETRON´s data acquisition instruments it is possible to include a datastream into a SCADA system. Individual report generation can be done using DEWETRON´s PMT. To archive monthly or weekly reports, we offer a system called auto-reporting. The customer decide how often any report is needed should be generated and the system stores reports as PDF on any local or network location. Desktop & Rack Mobile & Mounted Power control center Auto-reporting tool Individual reports

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 5

Energy Transmission Grids Suitable for Power Fault Recording and Power Monitoring in Energy Transmission Grids Such modern fault recorders are meant to take over the functions of several instruments and should additionally be of perfect use to up-to-date communication systems in order to centrally provide the data to several user groups. Digital fault recorders fast (wave form, a few seconds) Digital fault recorders slow (periodic values, several minutes) Voltage monitoring Paper recorder replacement Power quality monitors Load curve monitoring One central data base solution should not only...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 6

Special Features Time Synchronization The chronological synchronization of the fault recorders can either be done via the LAN or externally via GPS or DCF77 clocks. Using the LAN way it does not even matter which protocol is available: SNTP or NTP via TCP or UDP. Crosstrigger Fault recording is the main feature of these instruments. It is also possible to send the trigger reason for the fault record to other fault recorders in the net and thus obtain global recordings. The synchronization is reached by sending the exact time stamp. At the same time, the data from the circular buffer are...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 7

Monitoring Power Supply Suitable for Power Quality Interface designed in Switzerland Picture: 380 kV transmission system of Vienna, Austria License: CC0 DEWE instruments are class A instruments, which means that all used measurement methods depends on an international standard (IEC 61000-4-30) and so the results which the customer gets are comparable with each class A instrument. Every EN50160 or IEEE 1159 dataset generated by DEWETRON´s instruments can be exported into NeQual © format and then used to upload it into a NeQual © server environment. DEWETRON offers the ability to react fast...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 8

Monitoring Power Supply of Electrical Railway Systems Application Example for Power Fault Recording Introduction Nowadays, the electrical energy supply of railways is in many places autonomic and disconnected from the classical railway business. Mostly, these are individual companies, sometimes they belong to the railway company. As is the case in modern energy service companies we do also have a clear separation of electrical energy supply and transmission in this case. These transmission companies work the same way as all grid companies and are subject to similar market regulations. The...

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Power Fault Recording Applications - 9

Harmonic Monitoring of HVDC Suitable for Harmonic Monitoring of High-Voltage DC Power Lines (HVDC) Introduction High-voltage DC lines are used for the transport of energy over long distances, sometimes for submarine cables or also for the connection of grids with different frequencies. Typically, we talk about 1 million volt and some thousand amperes. Application Example for Power Fault Recording Task When we talk about HVDC then we mean semiconductors and converters. These converters are electronic switches that cannot utilize the whole sinus of the alternating voltage and thus produce...

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