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DEWE2-PA7 THE WAY OF TOMORROW’S POWER ANALYSIS The DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer for high performance power analysis and gapless recording of any signal. Power Channels Gapless Recording Storage Capacity ASAM Gbit Ethernet MULTI POWER ANALYZER TESTBED INTEGRATION A DEWETRON DEWE2-PA7 is the solution for analysis of several motors, converters or complete drive trains simultaneously. Up to 12 power channels and the capability for calculation of power parameters even for polyphase motors (up to 7 phases) turns the DEWE2-PA7 into a multi power analyzer. MIXED SIGNAL RECORDER Waveform...

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Dedicated measurement displays with classic design provide critical data values at a glance. A predefined measurement display for each user defined group of power channels presents an overview table, vector scope and harmonic chart. Different styling presets and data presentation tools are available to tailor the display to your exclusive needs. _▼ HIGH RESOLUTION & MULTI- TOUCH The 9” high resolution display is very bright for maximum readability and ample space for user defined screens. Also the few necessary settings are easily accessed with just a few swipes. Accessible and orderly...

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PReuminary version _▼ CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES 4 x Voltage, 4 x Current (24 Arms) 4 x Voltage, 4 x Current (Clamp Input, 5 Vrms) 8 x Voltage, 8 x Current (24 Arms) Individual: Up to 12 x Voltage, 12 x Current and Auxiliary Inputs DE-B170501E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to change without notice. © DEWETRON GmbH 05/2017 DEWETRON GmbH, Headquarters Parkring 4, 8074 Grambach, Austria Phone: +43 316 3070 Fax: +43 316 3070 90 E-Mail: poweranalyzer@5dewetron.com Web: www.dewetron.com INDUSTRIAL VT AUTOMOTIVE ^ AEROSPACE ” ENERGY & POWER...

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