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DEWETRON Open System Since 1989, DEWETRON has been a manufacturer of great data acquisition hardware. It started with our DAQ series ISOLATION signal conditioners, and evolved into PC-based instrumentation. In 2012 we introduced the DEWE2 series, a whole new architecture that raises the stakes considerably. But during the last ten years, we’ve been a company with precisely one choice when it came to software: DEWESoft™. And one choice of operating system: Windows. To be sure, DEWESoft™ is a wonderful package for R&D applications, and we plan to be offering it for many years to come. And Windows is the most popular OS. But there’s a much bigger world out there, for which neither Dewesoft nor Windows are particularly well suited. Different tools are needed for different jobs - it’s just that simple. So we’ve made LINUX system level drivers for our TRION™ series of A/D+Signal Conditioning modules, and that’s just the beginning. A powerful API for the TRION™ series is available both for Windows and LINUX. Furthermore we have been hard at work making powerful and flexible LabVIEW VIs and DASYLab drivers for the ORION series, and developed a web-based MARLIN package for our power systems, which is truly cross-platform, supporting both Windows and LINUX acquisition hardware. Key Features TRION™ system level drivers and API for LINUX and Windows operating systems - make your own application on either platform Support for C/C++, VB6, Delphi and C# programming environments Robust LabVIEW VIs for ORION A/D cards and DAQ series modules - drop your Dewetron hardware right onto your LabVIEW worksheet 100% support for DEWESoft-7 software under Windows DASYLab drivers for DAQ modules and ORION-1616 A/D boards FlexPro - presentation and analysis Marlin software for POWER and lower-speed DISTRIBUTED applications. Runs on both Windows and LINUX hardware PMT - Process Monitoring Tool, a powerful report generator for power applications Select your software to open a whole new world of possibilities DEWETRON Open System Signal Conditioning Dedicated Instruments Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t

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Robust DEWE2 API - Rock Solid Foundation We have created a robust API for our TRION™ series A/D and signal conditioning modules. This is the foundation of any application development that you might want to do with our DEWE2 systems. It also serves as the foundation for any application software that we develop, so we are continually improving it and making sure that it’s up to date. Measurement Configuration Data Storage Networking If you’re using the TRION™ hardware, the API will install a DEWE2 Explorer application (delivered standard with all DEWE2 systems). Besides providing in-depth...

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Putting Board into defined initial State Load Last All public interface functions are accessible by using the standard C. Therefore, any programming language that allows the above mentioned perquisites can exploit There are lots of examples included already - and more TRION™ cards are a combination of powerful and flex- ible signal conditioners and robust ADC converters (one per channel). Modules like the TRION-2402-dSTG, for example, offer an incredibly rich set of capabilities. This module can handle every kind of strain gage, with internal completion for 1/4 and 1/2 bridge sensors,...

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LabVIEW Drivers LabVIEW Drivers for ORION and DAQ Modules DEWETRON customers creating automated test sys- tems, manufacturing test, or any special function system, rely on LabVIEW from National Instruments as their development environment. LabVIEW is perhaps the best known application of its type, all around the world. It's no surprise therefore that DEWETRON has developed robust Vis (virtual instruments) that you can drop directly onto your LabVIEW application, integrat- ing our hardware easier than ever before. DEWETRON drivers and Vis are made for LabVIEW 32 ORION cards under LabVIEW...

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LabVIEW Drivers CAN-bus input channel functions Finally, ORION cards feature optional CAN BUS interfaces, and there is a group of nine functions related to control- ling these ports, setting up the messages and channels within them, scaling them, and more. You can both read from and write to the CAN BUS, creating a complete implementation of CAN BUS data in sync with your analog and other digital channels. HSI and DAQP conditioners under LabVIEW In addition, our most popular HSI and DAQ series plug-in ISOLATION modules are added: m HSI-HV (high-speed high voltage module) a HSI-LV...

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DEWESoft™ for turn-key R&D Applications DEWETRON customers in the R&D world don't want to write software, or run on LINUX - they just want a turn-key software application that can be used with- in minutes. DEWESoft™ (DS-7 for short) is a great package that perfectly supports most DEWETRON Runs under Windows DS-7 was written specifically for Windows, and does not run on any other operating system. But that's perfectly fine for test and measurement specialists in the research sector. Data acquisition systems used in this sector are typically used for something different all the time, and...

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Analyze Options Order Tracking & balancing Included Order Tracking function, based on re- sampling technology can be used for online and offline analysis. Visual control for field balancing supports single- and dual-plane and guides you step by step trough the balancing process. Weight splitting and optional radius support balancing at complex rotors. Order tracking Torsional and Rotational Vibration Torsional (twist) and Rotational (RPM deviation) vibration calculations are based on various rpm sensors (encoder, CDM sensors, tape sensors, etc.). Results are provided time or angle based....

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DASYLab Drivers for DAQ Modules and ORION-DAQ DEWETRON provides the complete measurement chain in DASYLab. While the DAQP and PAD amplifier series are supported since DASYLab 5, the AD-gap is now filled with the ORION- DAQ (16-bit series) driver. The simul- taneous sampled analog inputs, syn- chronous digital inputs and counters, sampling rates up to 5 MHz will give the complete picture of the investi- gated device. DEWETRON drivers and DASYLab run The DASYLab driver supports the whole ORION-DAQ (16-bit) series. Also multiple AD cards can be combined to extend channels. The smart driver...

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