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High-speed Data Streaming Continuous gap-free storing of up to 160 MS/s (= 305 MB/s) Sampling rates up to 160 MS/s Almost unlimited recording length Isolated amplifiers with 2 MHz bandwidth Post processing options Export to different file formats (.txt, .mat, .xls) Easy to use software All DEWETRON instruments are able to acquire 5 GB/ minute continuously, and dedicated DEWETRON transient systems can capture up to 17 GB/minute, where only the disk size is the limitation of your recording length. Triggering can be set, but to ensure you don’t miss your one time event, you simply press the RECORD button and after the event, STOP recording, and zoom into the area of interest. Carefree data acquisition is what we call it. Applications Power train Paper mill Combustion engine Belt drive All these systems offer either a direct voltage input, or a range of isolated amplifiers, including the HSI series with HSI-LV (low voltage), HSI-HV (high voltage), HSI-STG (strain gauge), providing an analog bandwidth of up to 2 MHz, to support high speed applications. Engine test bench Power plant testing and monitoring Examination of rotating field More and more applications require high sampling rates, but due to computer processing and bus limitations, in the past, special AD cards with large on board memories had to be used, and with these ‘scope-like’ cards, only triggered blocks of data could be captured, so if the trigger was not set correctly the event could be lost for ever! Signal Conditioning Dedicated Instruments High speed data streaming High voltage equipment

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High speed data streaming System Architecture Classical Transient Recorder: Acquisition with triggered start on AD card. Recording length is limited by AD card memory. Signal conditioning with HSI modules Data acquisition view and analyze Data transfer after event SSD Trigger-event Stream machine: “Long time” acquisition and capturing direct to SDD memory. Signal conditioning with HSI modules Data acquisition view and analyze Continuous data transfer SSD 1000 GB memory Bandwidth (BW), Isolation (ISO), TEDS Filters (LP = lowpass, Overvoltage HP = highpass) protection (OP) Input type Strain...

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High speed data streaming Dedicated Instruments Typical recording time Signal Conditioning

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High speed data streaming Ballistic and Ammunition Testing The software provides ready to use templates which makes it easy to setup the measurement within a few minutes. Cartridge pressure Case mouth measurement Conformal pressure Port pressure DEWE-3020 with direct sensor input Cavitation Testing To verify cavitation in the coolant, sampling rates of 3-5 MS/s are nessecary. The possibility to store data for a long duration, as well as the possibility to store other parameters like cylinder pressure, will give the user a huge benefit in the analysis. DE-B100401E • All trademarks are...

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