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High-speed Video High-speed Video Easy to use No post synchronisation needed Synchronous to all other measurement channels Fast and easy installation Dedicated Instruments DEWETRON has offered the capability to capture synchronised video and measurement data for several years, providing an extremely useful visualization tool to help understand complex physical behaviour in addition to analysis of recorded sensor data. However, in some applications conventional video offering frame rates up to 100 frames per second is simply to slow to capture high-speed events, and therefore high-speed video is required. If you have high-speed video data from other cameras, DEWESoft™ also supports post synchronization of any high-speed video via a simple and effective setup interface. So if you want to capture video at 100 fps or 10000 fps, and sensor data up 100 MHz, DEWETRON offers the data acquisition solution to give you what you need. Gigabit Ethernet interface Suitable for operation in High-G / High vibration enviroment Maximum resolution Maximum frame rate @ full resolution Maximum frame rate @ reduced resolution Max. recording length @ full resolution [frames] Minimum Global Shutter Time Auto Exposure Adjustment SA5 Single Unit camera design Signal Conditioning Automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, sport science, and industrial applications, often use high-speed video to capture physical phenomena, and high-speed cameras from Photron are now fully implemented in our DEWESoft™ software package, so setup and synchronisation is fully controlled via DEWESoft’s intuitive user interface. Setting up a measurement is easy to do, eliminating the need for complex post capture synchronisation. With frame rates up to 7500 fps @ 1024 x 1000 pixels, or even faster with reduced resolution, combining high-speed video with sensor data provides valuable information, in a fast and easy to interpret format.

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