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Functional Safety Testing Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t Functional Safety Testing The international standard ISO-26262 deals with such questions by defining requirements, processes and methods to mitigate the effects of systematic faults and random hardware faults in the automotive field. Highlights Quick system installation and setup Ready-to-print report generator CAN, FlexRay and XCP support What happens in case of a malfunction of a safety-relevant system such as ESP or active steering in a vehicle? Can the driver still control the vehicle or does it spin? Does it deviate from its former trajectory, maybe even into the counter-traffic? Together with the leading European car manufacturers DEWETRON has developed a unique measurement system that tests active safety systems and outputs a comprehensive, printable report of the test results.

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Test Procedure Any functional safety test consists of two phases: constant phase (pre-trigger) and dynamic phase (post-trigger). The simulation of a sensor error triggers the measurement and separates the pre-trigger phase (constant phase) from the post-trigger phase (dynamic phase). In the constant phase, the vehicle is driving in a steady state under constant conditions (e.g. constant speed, lateral acceleration, curve radius,…) in order to get reproducible test results. When the vehicle is in steady state for a defined time, a malfunction of the safety system is simulated (e.g. one wheel...

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Functional Safety Testing Ready-to-Print Reports DEWETRON has created an MS-Excel based report that automatically creates a ready-to-print report of all performed test. This report contains: Even though the test result (test criteria passed/failed) is available right after the measurement, a printed report is sometimes required to give an overview over the whole test series. General test information such as vehicle data, environmental data, test engineer information etc. A manoeuvre overview over all performed tests to immediately see the most important values of each test in one tabular...

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Configuration Examples Analog input channels 2 free slots for TRION™ series modules Digital channels Video Display Power supply Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Additionally required sensor 11 to 32 VDC rated (max. 10 to 36 VDC) isolated; external AC power supply adapter included 318 x 253 x 108 mm (12.5 x 10 x 4.3 in.) Typ. 5.9 kg (13 lb.) GeneSys ADMA INS/Gyro system TRION™ and MDAQ series modules are available for almost all kinds of sensors DE-B130201E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to change without notice. © DEWETRON Ges.m.b.H....

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