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Functional Safety Testing / ISO26262 - 1

LATERAL VELOCITY [km/h] LATERAL ACCELERATION [m/s²] STEERING WHEEL ANGLE [°] WHEEL SPEED [km/h] SENSOR MALFUNCTION XCP / CCP DATA FROM ECUs LATERAL DEVIATION TO ORIGINAL PATH [m] FUNCTIONAL SAFETY TESTING ACCORDING TO ISO 26262 What happens in case of a malfunction of a safety relevant system such as ESP or active steering? YOUR BENEFITS > Quick system installation and setup > CAN, FlexRay and XCP support > Ready-to-print report generator The international standard ISO 26262 addresses such questions by defining requirements, processes and methods to mitigate the effects of systematic faults and random hardware faults in the automotive field. Together with the leading European car manufacturers DEWETRON has developed a unique measurement system that tests active safety syst

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Functional Safety Testing / ISO26262 - 2

Any functional safety test consists of two phases: constant phase (pre-trigger) and dynamic phase (post-trigger). The simulation of a sensor error triggers the measurement and separates the pre-trigger phase (constant phase) from the post-trigger phase (dynamic phase). In the constant phase, the vehicle is driving in a steady state under constant conditions (e.g. constant speed, lateral acceleration, curve radius) in order to get reproducible test results. HIGH-PRECISION SENSORS Functional safety measurements for active-safety systems are based on precise measurement of rotation,...

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Functional Safety Testing / ISO26262 - 3

SENSOR ERROR SIMULATION Sensor Error Simulation Measurement of controllability and deviation TOUGH & RELIABLE The industry-approved PXI standard and the new internal construction of the DEWE2 series makes them our most rugged measurement system so far. Tested for shock up to 30g and vibration up to 20 m/s² as well as an operating temperature range of -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F) the DEWE2 systems are constructed for testing under harsh conditions. XCP/CCP AND FLEXRAY SUPPORT The DEWE2 systems also support the XCP protocol which allows you to record the ECU internal status during your...

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Functional Safety Testing / ISO26262 - 4

T CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES DEWE2-M4-FS (with Functional Safety configuration] DEWE2-A4-FS (with Functional Safety configuration] Analog input channels Digital channels Channel expansion CAN interfaces Video Display Power supply Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Additionally required sensor 2 free slots for TRION™ series modules 8 DIO and 2 CTR or 8 DI Yes 4 DEWE-CAM-GIGE-120 or USB External MOB-DISP-x 11 to 32 VDC rated (max. 10 to 36 VDC) isolated; external AC power supply adapter included DE-B160301E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to...

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