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Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t In the race to produce an electric vehicle with a range for everyday use, the development of energy efficient components is an important focus for automotive research centres all over the globe. Consequently there is an enormous need for test and measurement systems to monitor the energy flow and storage through vehicle activity such as charging, startup, driving, parking and potential misuse of the vehicle. DEWE-E-Mobile systems can do so much more than just capture voltage and current signals. An extra library for power measurement (POWER module) makes the calculation of, for example, power flow, losses, harmonics and voltage fluctuations possible. With the help of this functionality the user can - beside the DC measurement on batteries - make synchronized analysis of the other components like converters and motors. Adding transducers such as accelerometers, rpm sensors or thermocouples can be handled through flexible and isolated signal conditioning, recorded in a synchronized way by hundreds of channels of vehicle CAN bus data. Add a GPS sensor to give information about position, distance, velocity and direction, along with video cameras to monitor road or environmental conditions - then you have a very clear view of the “e-vehicles‘” performance characteristics. Key Features ALL-IN-ONE Power Analyzer, Combustion Analyzer, recorder and scope on a single machine Synchronized analog & digital signals, counter, CAN bus and video inputs – to simplify analysis Flexible number of channels High isolation and high accuracy High bandwidth up to 2 MHz High sampling rate up to 10 MS/s Online or offline efficiency, energy and recuperation calculation Measurements in real driving conditions or at the test bench The shift from the conventional vehicle towards the various hybrid technologies and purely electrically driven vehicles has already began. The range of micro, mild, full and plug-in hybrids already available or posed for launch is a clear indicator that e-mobility is regarded as our biggest short-to-medium-term hope for environmentally-friendly mobility.

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Modern drive systems work with very fast converters that have both high pulse frequencies and steep rising edges. The power measurement is thus confronted with all tasks of modern power measurement instruments: broadband input modules, high sampling rates, highly accurate identification of reactive and active power, determination of rotation speed and torque. Beside the measurements of motors (3~, permanently energized synchronization instruments), also measurements of battery circuits and intermediate circuits are of interest – and this absolutely synchronous (DC, single-phase). Further...

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Emobility Applications - 3

Calibration in frequency domain Any part (module, clamp, sensor) has a frequency depending transmission curve for amplitude and phase: A(f), Phi(f). In DEWETRON software it is possible to calibrate all sensors in the frequency domain. So the basic accuracy of different sensors can be additively improved and ensures highest accuracy for power measurement. Mobile measurements require measurement systems with small form factor. The DEWETRON measurement system can be equipped with battery packs which enable measurements under real driving conditions. The battery packs are hot-swapable which...

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Emobility Applications - 4

Several power modules at same time With the software, a number of power modules can be calculated for different system configurations (1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase star or delta, DC) and for different frequencies (16.7 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz or variable frequency). This enables synchronous power measurements at every point in the electrical power train. Math library A comprehensive mathematic library for processing the input signals is included in the measurement software and is easy to operate. The library includes functions such as filters, counters, mathematical and logical...

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Emobility Applications - 5

Sound and vibration Exact and high-resolution noise level measurement according to EN 60651, 60804, 61672. With its user-friendly operator interface, the software brings the sophisticated noise/acoustics analysis to the user. As it is the case with classical hybrid vehicles, combustion engines can also be in use besides electrical drive systems, then these engines can simultaneously be analyzed with the CA option in the software. Rotational and torsional vibrations Analyses on combustion engines CA-option With this module you can easily measure rotational vibrations, bearing damages,...

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Emobility Applications - 6

Measurement on the Test Bench Application Example for E-Mobility The customer is an institute for powertrain and automotive technology at a Technical University. They have a test bench for analysis of the longitudinal dynamics of hybrid and electric vehicles. The heart of the test bed consists of two DEWE-2600-E-Mobile measurement systems. Together, they are able to measure and store synchronously more than 100 signals with different sampling rates. The input signals comprise, among others, voltage, current, SOC, rpm, torque as well as noise, vibration and consumption and emissions data....

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Emobility Applications - 7

Measurement under Real Driving Conditions Application Example for E-Mobility Standardized driving cycles are used to measure the energy consumption of different vehicles. However, actual driv- ing cycles are not suitable to measure the energy consumption of electric vehicles. The aim of two master theses at a University of Applied Science was to determine the energy balance under real driving conditions of electric vehicle - one for an electric car and the other one for an electric two-wheeler. The field test consists of several road tests (city, freeway, uphill, downhill, etc..) under...

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Emobility Applications - 8

Acceleration behavior at different driving situa- This chart shows the acceleration of the scooter at differ- ent driving situations. The green chart is the acceleration with full-charged battery, the blue one when the battery was nearly empty, the red one for uphill and the magenta one for downhill driving. Acceleration behavior of different drivers This chart shows the acceleration behavior of different test drivers on the same test-track. The acceleration behavior can influence the energy consumption of up to 10 %. Charging profile, time and efficiency In the table, you see the energy...

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