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GPS or IRIG synchronization for DEWETRON instruments Synchronization of DEWETRON instruments to absolute time Dedicated Instruments No drift when locked to IRIG or GPS signal Very low drift even with IRIG or GPS signal disconnected Input: GPS IRIG time code A or B, AM or DC Output: AD converter clock up to 10 MHz DEWE-ORION DSA-series clock IRIG time code B, DC DEWE-CLOCK Scan clock: ORION-DSA-SYNC: Power supply: Operation temperature: Storage temperature: Humidity: Dimensions (W x D x H): Weight: IRIG code A or B; AM or DC 0.5 Vp-p to 10 Vp-p 3:1 ±10 % DC Level Shift TTL / CMOS compatible 20 kΩ 150 VDC 1 µs IRIG code B, DC None < 1 µs (delay to GPS PPS) IRIG input specications Supported codes: Compatibility (AM code): Ratio (AM): Compatibility (DC code): Impedance: Isolation Trigger accuracy IRIG output specications Supported codes Isoltation Accuracy GPS specications General PPS accuracy Refreshrate Position accuracy Autonomous Differential Trigger accuracy System specications Clock accuracy locked Clock accuracy unlocked Input Output: Trigger: 12 channel, L1 frequency receiver 100 ns 1 Hz Horizontal CEP 3.0 m 1.0 m 1 µs without drift < 10 ppm SMA for GPS antenna, BNC for IRIG I/O Clock and Trigger for DAQ-systems on DB9 connector PPS (pulse per second), rising edge on time, 75 ms high time, TTL level compatible 10 Hz to 10 MHz, rising edge synchronized, 50 % duty cycle, TTL level compatible LVDS compatible on RJ45 USB powered, max. current 500 mA -5 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +85 °C 10 % to 80 %; non condensing 133 x 104 x 43 mm (5.23 x 4.1 x 1.7 in.) approx. 330 g (0.72 lb) Vibration test: EN 600068-2-6 Shape: Sine Frequency: 10 Hz to 150 Hz Power spectral density: 1 m/s² / Hz from 10 – 200 Hz Duration: 30 minutes per axis Vibration test: EN 60721-3-2 Class 2M2 Shape Random Frequency range 10 - 200 Hz Power spectral density 1 m/s² / Hz from 10 – 200 Hz Duration 30 minutes per axis Shock: EN 60068-2-27 Shape: Half-sine Acceleration amplitude: 15 g Duration: 11 ms Test in 3 axis, 3 shocks in each axis and direction Signal Conditioning

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clock output Synchronization of 2 DEWETRON instruments over long distances SYNC to existing IRIG signal IRIG signal source Internal DEWE-CLOCK-INT IRIG Synchronization of two instruments to IRIG timecode IRIG generator Internal DEWE-CLOCK-INT DEWE-CLOCK IRIG DEWE-CLOCK used as IRIG signal and clock generator DE-B100401E • All trademarks are acknowledged to be the property of their owners. Specification subject to change without notice. © DEWETRON Ges.m.b.H.

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