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DEWE-501 - 1

DEWE-501 Compact portable instrument Fully battery powered, up to 2 hours without external power Dedicated Instruments Up to 64 differential MDAQ analog inputs Solid state disk for extreme ruggedness Plenty of channel expansion options DEWE-501 Input specifications MDAQ input channels Main system 1) 3 half length Hard disk Data throughput Typ. 90 MB/s Battery powered, 18 to 24 VDC input 2 battery slots 3), 2 batteries for ~2 hrs. operation incl. External AC power supply 95 to 260 VAC included External DC power supply 9 to 36 VDC optional Power supply Display No integrated display, external MOP-DISP-12-A recommended Operating system Weight without batteries Total PCI-slots Storage temperature Please find current specifications in latest price list 2) Data throughput depends on system configuration 3) Weight of one battery: 660 g (1.45 lb.) 1) Additional interfaces and sensors Measurements are not limited to just classic analog and digital signals. Please find further detailed information to expand your system in the chapter “Components”. Needed to complete the system Options to expand the system DEWE-ORION “A/D Boards” offer simultaneous sampled analog inputs, synchronous digital I/Os, high-performance counters and high-speed CAN interfaces. DAQP- or MDAQ signal amplifiers and software are needed as well. Add further “Interface Cards” like ARINC-429, 1553, PCM telemetry, FireWire and analog output or special “Sensors” like synchronized Video, industrial encoders (RIE-360) or GPS. Operating temperature when discharging batteries when charging batteries with batteries removed Signal Conditioning Environmental specifications

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DEWE-501 - 2

DEWE-501 There are two versions: DEWE-501-A and DEWE-501-B. Both are for sensor input via differential MDAQ analog input amplifiers. MDAQ modules are available in cost efficient and space saving 8-channel blocks. For detailed module selection see chapter “Signal Conditioning“. Max. channel count DEWE-501-A has a modular front panel and accepts up to 8 MDAQ-SUB-x-BNC modules 1 MDAQ-SUB-x-D and up to 5 MDAQ-SUB-x-BNC modules 2 MDAQ-SUB-x-D and up to 4 MDAQ-SUB-x-BNC modules 3 MDAQ-SUB-x-D and 1 MDAQ-SUB-x-BNC module up to 4 MDAQ-SUB-x-D modules DEWE-501-A DEWE-501-B has a fixed front panel...

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DEWE-501 - 3

System options and upgrades for DEWE-501 series Desktop battery charger for 4 batteries, incl. external AC adaptor Special add-on for the battery power supply, one extra connection with a wake-up signal is needed to the power supply input of the unit, allows to automatically turn on the instrument when the ignition of the car is turned on, also turns off the instrument when the car is turned off 64 channel expansion for DEWE-501, for a total of up to 128 channels, 3 internal half-length PCI slots for ORION cards, modular frontpanel prepared for MDAQ modules, PCI and SYNC interfaces and...

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DEWE-501 - 4

Display for DEWE-501 There is one external rugged displays for the DEWE-501, the MOB-DISP-12 with 12''. Example Configurations DEWE-501-B with therm modules 48 channels „BRIDGE“ and 32 channel thermocouple “K” Remote control via iPAD or any smartphone with installed VNC software 64 channels “STRAIN” 32 channels via MIL connectors directly to the ORION A/D card All battery powered instruments have an input range between 18 and 24 V DC DEWE-DCDC-24-300-ISO Isolated DC power supply WLAN Unmanned operation with WLAN Standard AC/DC power supply (range: 90 to 260 V AC ) Optional battery charger...

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