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DEWE-2600 - 1

DEWE-2600 ■ High performance portable all-in-one instrument j Flexible mixture of isolated analog inputs ■ Function panels for digital I/O, counters, sensor supply ... ■ Fully battery powered (optional) Needed to complete the system DEWE-ORION “A/D Boards" offer simultaneous sampled analog inputs, synchronous digital I/Os, high-performance counters and high-speed CAN interfaces. DAQP signal amplifiers and software are needed as well. Options to expand the system Add further “Interface Cards" like ARINC-429, 1553, and analog output or special “Sensors" like synchronized video, industrial encoders (RIE-360) or GPS.

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DEWE-2600 - 2

L\ DEWETRON Configuration Guide DEWE-2600 Most flexible model, prepared for DAQP isolated analog input amplifier modules. DAQP conditioners offer highest bandwidth, great accuracy, different input ranges and integrated filters. Besides the single channel modularity - a module easily can be changed by the user at any time - the main advantage of these modules is the high galvanic isolation which ensures safe measurements, high quality results and make them almost indestructible. See chapter "Signal Conditioning” for details. Options 0.5U-CLAMP-DC-POWER-8 MA-A1M powm tupo-y ]| T ©©©©©©©©...

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DEWE-2600 - 3

2600-PS-BAT Optional battery power supply This option turns your DEWE-2600 into a fully battery powered instrument. The hot-swappable batteries guarantee continuous operation without an external power source. The instrument provides 3 slots for BAT-95WH batteries and can be operated for up to ~2 hours with 3 batteries installed. Since this time depends a lot on the system configuration the battery status is shown directly in the software. Also alarm conditions can be set and the battery parameters can be displayed as additional measurement channels. Operating temperature is limited to 0 .....

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