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DEWE-ORION A/D boards define a new Standard in Data Acquisition! Simultaneous sampling of all analog input channels is guaranteed by using a separate A/D converter for each channel. But more than this all digital I/Os, counters, encoders and the onboard CAN interfaces are acquired synchronized, too. To reach multi-channel instruments several cards can be installed within a single unit. All cards are synchronized via the internal sync-bus to ensure absolute simultaneous sampling of all channels. Key Features Simultaneous sampling Separate A/D converter channel Synchronized analog, digital, counter and CAN inputs Clock output for synchronizing external devices, e.g. video cameras Sync option for synchronizing multiple systems or synchronize to IRIG or GPS For high channel count or distributed systems multiple instruments can be synchronized using the ORION-SYNC option. Depending on distance and local preconditions there are several choices how to use this option. The easiest way is to simply daisy-chain all instruments by sync-cables. Standard CAT6 cables with RJ45 connectors can be used for short distances. The maximum length depends on the sampling rate and the A/D technology and ranges between 30 m to 200 m. For large distances which do not allow physical connection of the instruments a DEWETRON sync-interface using GPS or IRIG time is connected to the ORION-SYNC input. The ingenious driver design enables total continuous gap-free disk storing rates of more than 100 MB/s. Of course each DEWE-ORION card always comes with a calibration certificate. There is no compromise in quality. Signal Conditioning Dedicated Instruments Automotive Energy & Power Analysis Aerospace & Defense Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n G e n e r a l Te s t & M e a s u r e m e n t

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A/D Knowledge Analog to Digital Conversion Technologies Delta-Sigma Converter This technique is used in the DEWE-ORION-0424, DEWE-ORION-0824, DEWE-ORION-1624 and DEWE-ORION-1622 /-3222 series boards. The 24 bit converters offer highest dynamic range (up to 120 dB). Whenever you choose a sampling rate, the used internal sampling rate is 512 times higher. Using this oversampling technique full anti aliasing protection is guaranteed. These boards can not be external clocked, but synchronized from board to board and also synchronized to GPS or to IRIG time using DEWE-CLOCK. Flash Converter This...

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Counters of DEWE-ORION Boards ADC-clock Counter input DEWETRON distinguishes between two different stages of extension (all of them are fully phase synchronized) ORION standard counters ORION advanced counters In which way are they different? All counter inputs provide felxible signal routing enabling easy signal connection and the usage of the same input pin for all counter input functions and for digital inputs. Some pins even can be used for digital output. In addition to the basic counter functions like simple event counting, up/down counting and gated event counting also period time,...

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Counters of DEWE-ORION Boards Counter Options of DEWE-ORION Boards with 2 Counters (-xx0 & -xx1 cards) Without any option the two counters and 8 digital I/Os of the first DEWE-ORION board in a system are wired to a D-Sub-37 socket on DEWETRON instruments. The two counters can be switched to eight digital inputs per software. The figure on the right side shows the pin out of the D-Sub-37 socket labeled “Bx_Digital I/O”. Digital Input Counter Input Counter Digital Input Input As an option (ORION-CNT2LEMO) the two counters can be wired to female 7-pin LEMO sockets in parallel for direct...

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A/D Boards | DEWE-ORION Cards - 5

Selection guide Simultaneous sampling Separate A/D converter channel 35 different models Synchronized analog, digital, counter and CAN inputs Sync option for synchronizing multiple systems or synchronize to IRIG or GPS Selection Guide Model overview Analog input channels Resolu tion Input ranges Max. sampling rate / channel Digital input channels Counter / Encoder delta-sigma with antialising lter delta-sigma with antialising lter delta-sigma with antialising lter delta-sigma with antialising lter DEWE-ORION-xxxx with additional digital inputs DEWE-CAN-CAB2 option Connects the built in Lemo...

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A/D Boards | DEWE-ORION Cards - 6

DEWE-ORION-0824-20X 8 simultaneous sampled channels Voltage or IEPE ® mode (4 mA or 8 mA source) 204.8 kS/s per channel 24 bit resolution 4 input ranges (from ±1.25 V to ±10 V) Synchronous digital inputs 8 digital I/Os, e.g. alarm output 32 bit synchronous counter/encoder 2 synchronous CAN interfaces Model Overview Analog input Max. sampling Digital input Digital I/O channels rate / channel channels Counter Ext. Trigger Encoder TTL * Without using counter inputs Analog Input Specifications Analog input Channel characteristics Number of channels Input configuration Symmetric, differential or...

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A/D Boards | DEWE-ORION Cards - 7

Common mode rejection (CMR) ±10 V Flatness digital filter -0.035 dB to +0.01 dB, DC to 0.475 fs -3 dB bandwidth digital filter 1 kS/s ≤ fs ≤ 51.2 kS/s Analog bandwidth Range Maximum working voltage Channel-to-ground, channel-to-channel Max. working voltage refers to the signal voltage plus common-mode voltage. Dynamic Characteristics Dynamic characteristics Alias-free bandwidth (passband) DC (0 Hz) to 0.42 fs Dedicated Instruments Spurious free dynamic range ±10 V Crosstalk (channel separation) fin 0 to 10 kHz Typical Interchannel gain mismatch Signal Conditioning Inter channel phase...

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Digital and Counter Input Digital and Counter input Counter resolution Counter time base Time base accuracy Maximum input frequency Input signal characteristic main board Compatibility Pull-up with 100 kOhm Input high level Input high current Input capacitance Input signal characteristic CLK and Trigger Compatibility Pull-up with 100 kOhm Input high level Input high current Input capacitance Overvoltage protection Input signal characteristic expansion board with TTL input (used on ORION-0824-202 and -203) Compatibility Pull-up with 100 kOhm Input high level Input high current Input...

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