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There are several dedicated instruments in a variety of form factors. The portable versions are really great for mobile testing of all types of combustion engines, such as car, truck, ship, motorcycle, power-saw… All systems sample each channel with up to 1 MS/s and at 16 bit resolution for precise results. A wide charge input range from 100 to 1.000.000 pC with additional features like offset and customized range is available to connect any pressure sensor. Virtually any angle sensor can directly be connected to these instruments, no matter if there is an encoder on a test rig or if the vehicles gearwheel with missing teeth must be used (like 60-2, 36-1 … free programmable). ALL-IN-ONE combustion analyzer and mixed signal data acquisition system Crank angle and time based sampling Direct pressure and angle sensor connection XCP interface for acquiring ECU data Portable/in-vehicle and test bed models Battery powered, compact Connectivity to AVL PUMA, KS TORNADO, ETAS INCA … Cold start testing, knock detection Easy to use, short learning time CAN, video, Ethernet and the integration within a test rig are supported, too. The DEWETRON CA instruments support angle and time based measurements and use highly improved algorithms for online mathematics and statistics – calculating heat release and further thermodynamic parameters. The easy to use software ensures short learning time and offers user definable displays for convenient online view of data. Offline calculation and the export to several file formats are included. DEWETRON CA instruments are the optimal fit in engine research, development and optimization because of its powerful analysis capabilities for many engine parameters and characteristics and the capability to measure synchronous additional signals beyond engine combustion. Easy expansion is possible for e.g. combined testing of hybrid powertrains with electrical power analysis functions, sound and vibration, rotational and torsional vibration, drivability with GPS and camera and more. DEWETRON CA instruments are flexible and powerful enough to perform multiple measurements at once saving valuable test time and cost. Signal Conditioning DEWETRON Combustion Analyzer systems are used for engine research, development and optimization as well as for component development and testing, such as ignition systems, exhaust systems and valve control gear. DEWE-CA ... Multi measurements and flexibility Combustion Analyzer Instruments Dedicated Instruments Combustion Analyzer

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Combustion Analyzer CA Instruments Only your choice of DAQP modules is required to complete these instruments DEWE-2600-CA2-PROF Dynamic analog input channels 8 16 slots for DAQP modules 8 16 slots for DAQP modules 8 16 slots for DAQP modules Internal quasi-static temperature inputs EPAD interface, up to 16 EPAD2 modules = 128 ch Simultaneous sampling Simultaneous sampling A/D conversion Sampling method Sampling rate Resolution Upgrade from 8 to 16 input channels, 1MS/s each Changes the DEWE-xxxx-CA-PROF to 16 channels, 16 bit resolution and 500 kS/s per channel sampling rate Up to 8.333...

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