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Automotive Solution Guide - 2

DEWETRON has more than 25 years of expertise in measurement engineering and technology. The PC-based systems are suitable for mobile use, modular in design and can therefore be extended as desired. DEWETRON systems are compatible with all common sensors available on the market. Together with our powerful measurement amplifiers, DEWETRON systems will guarantee you accurate, immediate results from your test series. DEWETRON is the market-leading producer of universal test and measurement systems. DEWETRON‘s great strengths are in supplying complete systems that are immediately ready for...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 3

_▼ PROJECT PLANNING AND CONSULTING DEWETRON systems provide the complete technical solution to test and measurement projects and DEWETRON employees provide a wide range of project planning and data management expertise. As your project partner we are always available to answer questions related to initial project planning, post implementation data management and technical support whenever you need it. Total Quality Management starts with an understanding of what is important to ensure the success of our customers. Our commitment to quality begins with defined technical specifications...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 4

DEWETRON is a leading global supplier in the field of power measurement. This position is largely shaped by five essential strengths which ensures our customers receive only state-of-the-art products. We go the extra mile! We provide solutions, which simply fit the bill: Our manifold technologies and modular systems allow us to customize your measurement system to your requirements enabling you to maintain a competitive edge. Fast. Flexible. Future-proof. A DEWETRON measurement system is modular in design, which means that components are easily exchanged, customizing the system for...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 6

▼ CENTER OF EXCELLENCE DEWETRON offers a flexible measurement system and in combination with the gyro system ADMA from GeneSys and the robot system from Stahle, tests with high precision are performed. Because of the hardware synchronization all relevant parameters are already calculated and displayed during the measurement. > Data from all vehicles is recorded fully synchronized > All relevant parameters are calculated and displayed during the measurement > Online check of the data quality > Master manages the measurement and the configuration of the slave - so the driver can concentrate...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 7

ANALOG INPUTS Voltage, current, strain, acceleration, temperature, force, pressure, ... Basic positioning, relative positions to other objects, precise velocities, ... DRIVING ROBOTS MEASUREMENT STEERING WHEEL BUS DATA CAN-bus, FlexRay, ... WHEEL PULSE Wheel speed, force, ... Data from ECUs

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Automotive Solution Guide - 9

ELECTRICAL POWER CRANK ANGLE SIGNALS (CDM, TRG, TOOTH) ABSOLUTE PRESSURE (BRIDGE, VOLTAGE) CAN-IN, CAN-OUT STRAIN FLEXRAY, LIN HIGH PRESSURE (CHARGE) INJECTION, TIMING SIGNALS (VOLTAGE, CURRENT) COMBUSTION ANALYSIS DEWETRON internal combustion analyzers are suitable for mobile applications, such as real-time drive testing and also for test-bed applications. The systems support time and angle based measurement, and also provide various interfaces for testbed automation and control. YOUR BENEFITS > In-vehicle and testbed application > Direct pressure and angle sensor connection > Engine...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 10

SYNCHRONOUS INPUT SIGNALS Isolated charge amplifiers and bridge amplifiers with constant current supply features, are used for high-pressure sensors and for the absolute pressure sensors of inlet and exhaust. With the freedom to swap amplifiers as needed, almost any signal like torque, current, acceleration and temperature, etc. can be measured. Voltage inputs include the start of injection, end of injection and ignition, and any other additional signal captured in time or angle domains. The isolated voltage and current inputs can be used to calculate electrical power. Software provides...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 11

TESTBED INTERFACE Testbed interface, via RS232 or TCP/IP is provided to link the analyzer to a testbed for automated measurements. An open AK-protocol, or native interfaces for AVL PUMA Open, and DT2 is supported. In addition, calculated results can be also transferred via CAN-out. Results can be recorded from mapping tools for immediate feedback. Included Crankangle CPU, is able to handle of various crank marker disc signals which provide CDM- and TRIG-signals. If more angle resolution is required, the Crankangle CPU will do the interpolation up to 0.1 deg. Pickup sensors, for the native...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 12

The system is not limited to CA measurement only. The hardware and software architecture provides for various other measurements such as recorder, FFT analyzer, scope, power measurement and long term measurement. > Recorder > FFT analyzer > Order tracking > Rotational and torsional vibration > Transient recorder > Electrical power (after frequency converter) CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES Analog input channels Optional low speed temperature and voltage inputs (5 Hz) voltage Amplitude resolution Sampling rate Input range Charge inputs Charge input range Drift compensation CAN input FlexRay and...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 13

RELATIVE VELOCITY SYNCHRONIZED VIDEO LATERAL DEVIATION FROM TEST PATH [m] VEHICLE UNDER TEST LONGITUDINAL DISTANCE [m] TIME TO COLLISION [s] ACOUSTIC / HAPTIPC / OPTIC FCW WARNING _▼ YOUR BENEFITS > All ADAS tests can be done using the same hardware > Perfect synchronization of all signal sources from two or more cars or moving objects > Easy mounting, setup, alignment and calibration > Online data transfer to master system > Highly accurate, combined GPS & Gyro data > Reproducible tests > Online calculation of relative distance, speed, acceleration, etc. ADVANCED...

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Automotive Solution Guide - 14

SYNCHRONOUS INPUT SIGNALS ADVANTAGES WITH DEWETRON’S ADAS TEST SYSTEMS > Online calculation of relative distance and velocity to multiple objects like lines, curves, cones and vehicles > Data from all vehicles is recorded fully synchronized > Online check of the data quality GPS P°SITI°N AND VEL°CITIES > Master manages the measurement and the configuration of the slave - so the driver can RELATIVE POSITION TO OTHER OBJECTS ROLL, PITCH, YAW DRIVING ROBOTS ACOUSTIC SIGNALS LIGHT BARRIER MEASUREMENT STEERING WHEEL CAN/FLEXRAY BUS DATA CCP/XCP DATA FROM ECU VIDEO DATA WHEEL PULSE...

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