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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 1

RELATIVE VELOCITY SYNCHRONIZED VIDEO LATERAL DEVIATION FROM TEST PATH [m] VEHICLE UNDER TEST LONGITUDINAL DISTANCE [m] TIME TO COLLISION [s] ACOUSTIC / HAPTIPC / OPTIC FCW WARNING _▼ YOUR BENEFITS > All ADAS tests can be done using the same hardware > Perfect synchronization of all signal sources from two or more cars or moving objects > Easy mounting, setup, alignment and calibration > Online data transfer to master system > High accurate, combined GPS & Gyro data > Reproducible tests > Online calculation of relative distance, speed, acceleration, etc. ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS DEWETRON provides the ideal solution for developing and benchmarking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. All data between one or more vehicles stays fully synchronized, can be used in online calculations and visualized in a live, 3D display. Based on precision measurement of position and movement with GPS based IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units), this system features position accuracy down to the centimeter range.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 2

SYNCHRONOUS INPUT SIGNALS ADVANTAGES WITH DEWETRON’S ADAS TEST SYSTEMS > Online calculation of relative distance and velocity to multiple objects like lines, curves, cones and vehicles > Data from all vehicles is recorded fully synchronized > Online check of the data quality GPS P°SITI°N AND VEL°CITIES > Master manages the measurement and the configuration of the slave - so the driver can RELATIVE POSITION TO OTHER OBJECTS ROLL, PITCH, YAW DRIVING ROBOTS ACOUSTIC SIGNALS LIGHT BARRIER MEASUREMENT STEERING WHEEL CAN/FLEXRAY BUS DATA CCP/XCP DATA FROM ECU VIDEO DATA WHEEL PULSE...

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 3

ADAS CONFIGURATION Technology: Synchronisation via sa tellite CLOCK™ clock MEASUREMENT DATA MEASUREMENT DATA MEASUREMENT DATA The master unit collects all synchronized data from the master vehicle and the slave unit via WLAN. The measurement systems are synchronized and send the data to the master measurement unit. GYRO DATA The ADAS system uses the GeneSys inertial measurement system ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer) for six degree of freedom motion analysis in combination with high performance GPS position measurement. This combination avoids the drawbacks of each system – the...

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 4

HIGH ACCURACY ADAS requires precision accuracy of the measured parameters. This is achieved using the latest technology of data acquisition, inertial measurement, GPS technology and test methodology. SYNC-CLOCK™ TECHNOLOGY To achieve the required accuracy, we implemented a high precision system clock. All data channels, analog and digital signals, CAN information or video are synchronized. 80 MHz clock Selectable GPS time synchronization GPS-Clock Clock-Divider (Phase synchronous) Definable Clock-Divider A/D-converter CAN-bus Video Counter Dig. I/O ADAS APPLICATIONS All ADAS tests can be...

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 5

T ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) One of the challenges when testing the longitudinal control system is synchronized timing because ACC is measuring the relative position and velocity between two or more vehicles. The most important feature for capturing high-quality measurement data is the perfect synchronization of all signal sources. MEASURED SIGNALS > Relative distance between the vehicles > Absolute and relative velocity > Longitudinal acceleration > Longitudinal deceleration > Moment of acoustic, optic and/or haptic warning > Lateral deviation LANE SUPPORT For tests of lateral control...

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS - 6

CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES (with ADAS configuration) Analog input channels (with ADAS configuration) 2 free slots for TRION™ series modules 11 free slots for TRION™ series modules Digital channels Channel expansion External MOB-DISP-x Power supply DE- B1603 01E • All trade ma rks are acknowle dged to be the prope rty of their owners. Sp ecification subj ect to c hange without notice. © DEWETRON GmbH 11 to 32 VDC rated (max. 10 to 36 VDC) isolated; external AC power supply adapter included Additionally required sensor GeneSys ADMA INS/Gyro system TRION™ series modules are available for almost all...

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