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ADAS Test Systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) The DEWETRON ADAS series instruments are made for any dynamic test of vehicles where precise position information is required. All dynamic movements such as acceleration, speed, position, turning speed and angle of the vehicle are measured synchronously to analog sensors, counters, CAN bus and video data. There are a lot of applications such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) testing, LDW (Lane Departure Warning), functional safety testing, etc. where very accurate position information (down to 2 cm possible!) is needed. DEWE-ADAS ... to test driver assistance systems Key Features Precise position, angle, distance, speed and heading information is recorded fully synchronized together with analog, counter, CAN bus and video data High accurate combined GPS and Gyro measurement INS/GPS system from GeneSys for six degree of freedom motion analysis One typical application is to test longitudinal control systems such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control). These measurements are usually performed with two or more vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a DEWETRON ADAS instrument and a GeneSys ADMA GPS/INS system. The communication link between each vehicle is WLAN. The DEWETRON data acquisition unit synchronously records the CAN data from the ADMA GPS/INS system and vehicles, together with data from optional digital and analog sensors and video images of the driver. High performance differential GPS position measurement GPS synchronized measurements from 2 vehicles with online data transfer Easy mounting, setup, alignment and calibration Comparable and reproducible tests Automated report generation for predefined maneuvers Safe investment, all systems can grow with The key parameters for testing longitudinal control systems future applications such as ACC include the relative position, the relative velocity and the relative heading between the leading car and the hunting car. (The ACC system to be analyzed is in operation in the hunting car.) There are also further parameters that are relevant, such as acceleration, velocity, 3D track data, corner radius and the precise time reference. Captured video data should simultaneously be available to check the driver status as well as the environmental conditions. Perfect synchronization of data is essential to reach the required accuracies for relative position. Signal Conditioning Dedicated Instruments ADAS Test Systems DEWETRON ADAS instruments are a safe investment! Due to their modularity they can grow with future applications.

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ADAS Test Systems ADAS Instruments Nothing is required to complete these instruments DEWE2-M4-ADAS Analog input channels opt. TRION™ series modules Supported analog input signals External quasi-static channel expansion depending on used TRION™ series modules Any analog signal via appropriate DAQP module EPAD interface, up to 16 EPAD2 modules = 128 ch A/D conversion Sampling method Simultaneous sampling depending on used TRION™ series modules Sampling rate Resolution Digital I/O and counters Digital I/O Counters / digital inputs 2 counters or 8 digital inputs, TTL level Solid State Disk...

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ADAS Test Systems three fibre-optic gyros (unaffected by acceleration) for detecting rotational motion; three servo accelerometers for determining acceleration; an internal GPS receiver for accurate position update with WAAS- or RTKDGPS corrections; a 32-bit processor unit that continuously calculates the angular orientation and position from internal sensor signals and external information (e.g. velocity sensors). The package is implemented in strap-down-technology without moving parts and is therefore extremely robust and resistant to shock and vibration. Additionally, all components for...

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ADAS Test Systems Measurement setup of an ACC system The GPS PPS synchronization technology is also available in the ADMA system, allowing for the measurement of any ADMA running synchronized with the GPS PPS signal. Additionally, all ADMA data are time-tagged. As the synchronization to GPS works independently in two or more cars GPS base and all data is synchronized, the data transfer between the Measurement setup of ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) testing cars can be achieved via an asynchronous WLAN. Through the use of special WLAN antennae, the distance between the two cars can range up...

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