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DEUBLIN KEEPS THE WORLD ROTATING Since 1945, Deublin has grown from a small garage shop to the world’s largest manufacturer of rotating unions. Today, Deublin’s international headquarters is located in Waukegan, Illinois, with manufacturing facilities, sales offices and warehouses located in 17 countries on four continents. Our worldwide distribution network allows end users all over the world to specify Deublin unions when purchasing equipment made in another country. We’re manufacturers ourselves, so we understand the importance of fast response time to keep your manufacturing process...

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ROTATING UNIONS FOR STEEL INDUSTRY Deublin also offers rebuilding and exchange programs that can be designed to complement your section-rebuilding schedule. This assures you of always having a dependable quality union at a fraction of the cost of a new union. Deublin 55 Series unions for Tunnel Furnace applications are featured in our Standard Union Catalog. Deublin has been the world’s largest manufacturer of rotating unions for the general industry for over 65 years and specialty unions for the continuous casting industry for over 45 years. Deublin has worked closely with designers and...

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OPERATING DATA DEUBLIN 2400 Series Rotating Union • monoflow and duoflow design • in-the-shaft mounted • self-supported rotating union • flanged housing or mounted with retaining plate • balanced mechanical seal • seal combination: Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide • brass housing and elbow • stainless steel rotor and supply pipe • engineered sleeve bearing • full-media flow • easily field repairable Duoflow Rotating Union 'Denotes Shaft Dimension

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Deublin Bearingless Technology Conventional unions are dependent on bearings for support and smooth low torque rotation. However, bearings inherently have limitations, one of which is premature failure as a result of side loading from piping connections. Deublin has adapted this bearingless technology to CCM applications with proven in-the-field success. Call our Engineering Department for complete details and specifications. DEUBLIN Bearingless CCM Union • monoflow and duoflow design • in-the-shaft mounted • flanged housing or mounted with retaining plate • balanced mechanical seal • seal...

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ROTATING UNIONS FOR CONTINUOUS CASTING DEUBUN5000 Series Rotating Union • monoflow and duoflow design • externally mounted • self-supported rotating union • radial housing connection • balanced mechanical seal • seal combination - standard: Carbon Graphite/Silicon Carbide • keyed rotor seal • cast iron body/brass end-cap • stainless steel rotor (3A"-1 V2") • engineered sleeve bearing • easily field repairable • special options: threaded vent holes OPERATING DATA Adapter for Outboard Mounted Unions +1-847-689-8600 or www.deub

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'Female Thread also available

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Typical Examples 2-Passage Rotating Union with Hydrostatic Seal • for clamping-unclamping applications at steel-strip winders Other Models Available

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OPERATING DATA UNIONS FOR LADLE TURRETS Ladle Turret Union • Ladle turrets require complex, heavy-duty multi-passage unions that support the hydraulic lifting of the ladle for each pour of molten metal. Deublin Ladle Turret Unions accommodate multiple media including hydraulic oil, argon, air and water. • Typical number of ports: up to 26. Plane Swivel Joints • Handles 360° single & multi-plane swivel movement with positive sealing • Available in 1” through 6” sizes in threaded, welded or flanged styles • Available in three seal materials that are compatible with many gasses, fluid &...

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PROPER MOUNTING ENSURES LONGER UNION LIFE Flexible hose must be used to connect the rotating union to its supply and return lines. Flexible hose ensures less side load and wear on the bearing surfaces of the union. Rigid piping should not be used. The hose should connect directly to the union, if possible, by way of a live swivel that will eliminate any torsional stress from the pressurized hose. The table shows minimum recommended lengths for the different hose diameters to provide flexible installation. Snap Ring Adapter Lugs Water Supply Pipe Water Flow Areas...

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ADDITIONAL LITERATURE Deublin Rotating Unions General Catalog From the world leader in rotating unions, the Deublin general engineering catalog provides application information and specifications for over 500 standard unions and 3000 models used with a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds. Deublin unions accommodate water, steam, hot oil, coolant and air for thousands of manufacturing, equipment and process applications. Custom unions are also available to address specific requirements. Deublin Rotating Unions for Machine Tool Whether CNC machining...

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Since its establishment in 1945, Deublin has consistently adhered to a policy of producing the best product of its kind in the market. The result of this policy has been constant growth through the years. For this progress we are grateful to our many loyal customers. We cordially invite you to visit our modern manufacturing facilities in Waukegan, Illinois; Mainz, Germany; Monteveglio, Italy; and Dalian, China. Sincerely, Donald L. Deubler Chairman of the Board e-mail: EUROPE DEUBLIN Germany Florenz - Allee 1 55129 Mainz, Germany Phone: +49...

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