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SpindleShield™ Alert System Introducing the new, patented SpindleShield™ Alert System that prevents expensive spindle failures by alerting the operator. Used in conjunction with Deublin’s patented Pop-Off™ unions with AutoSense™ seal technology, and the SpindleShield™ Operation System, the SpindleShield™ Alert System can eliminate damage and downtime of machining centers, while maximizing productivity. The new system can be retrofitted to all types of machining centers. Large or small leakage here is okay, especially with Pop-Off™ or AutoSense™ seals. HOW IT WORKS Ordinary leak-detection systems check for liquids in the area around the seals, or in the drain line. For this to work, the seals always must be closed, which means faster seal wear and higher operating temperatures during dry running. Even with closed seals, “normal” leakage is never zero because a thin film of media lubricates the seal faces. Therefore, the system designer must make a guess about how much leakage is too much. SpindleShield™ instead considers the location of any leakage. In other words, SpindleShield™ detects leakage due to excessive seal wear, as well as flooding due to drainage problems. Self-Test can happen: • At machine start-up • Monthly • Daily Program or Macro can: • Turn off coolant • Stop spindle rotation-^ • Call maintenance For further technical information, to request a quotation or place an order, please contact DEUBLIN at +1 -847-689-8600 or visit www.deublin.com

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Operating Data Media: Water-based coolant MQL (oil mist) up to 10 bar (135 psi) Filtration: ISO 4406 Class 17/15/12, max. 60 micron Maximum Speed: Maximum Pressure: Max. Coolant Flow: Max. Temperature: Features • Patented SpindleShield™ Alert system reliably prevents expensive spindle failures by warning the machine of leakage due to excessive seal wear. • Patented Pop Off™ technology allows unlimited dry running without media pressure. • Full-flow design has no obstructions to trap chips or debris. • Balanced mechanical seals from silicon carbide give long life even with difficult...

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1103 SOS SpindleShield™ Operation System to Retrofit Existing Machines Features • Visible alert when the coolant union should be replaced, in time to avert coolant entering the spindle. • Visible notification that system is powered on. • Sensing function of the union may be tested manually at any time. • Attaches magnetically to machine, for easy installation near the CNC or other visible location. • Easy electrical connection to machine power (24VDC) and ground. • Industrial-grade components and powder-coated housing. Check Coolant Union EXAMPLE INSTALLATION: • Deublin SpindleShield™ union...

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SpindleShield™ Frequently Asked Questions HOW DOES THE SPINDLESHIELD™ SENSOR CONNECT TO MY MACHINING CENTER? It depends on the machine’s design and configuration. A typical method is to connect the Signal wire to an unused relay on the I/O board of the machining center and use an unassigned M-code to check the status of that relay. HOW DO I KNOW THAT SPINDLESHIELD™ IS WORKING? SpindleShield™ includes a diagnostic or test mode that can be activated manually or automatically, for example, allowing the operator to program the machine to run a test mode before a shift. In addition, the...

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