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DEUBLIN Multi-Passage Rotating Unions A rotating union connects a stationary pressurized supply line to a rotating machine part such as a cylinder, roll, spindle, clutch, etc. It can be used to convey virtually any liquid or gas medium: steam for heating, water or water/glycol solutions for cooling, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, air, inert gas or even a vacuum. The task becomes more complicated when more than one medium must be conveyed simultaneously. This is the role of a multi-passage union – to provide multiple independent passages for the same or several different media to...

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DEUBLIN Sealing Solutions DEUBLIN multi-passage unions draw from three different sealing technologies, optimized for the application’s rotational speed and torque, delivered media pressure, operating temperature, physical size and other factors. Hardened chrome sealing surfaces are standard to ensure minimal wear and a long service life. • Plastomeric Seals – essentially a combination of plastic and elastomer – use custom formulated compounds to offer superior resistance to high temperatures and pressures compared to traditional elastomers. Seal geometry and treatment of the rotor mating...

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DEUBLIN Modular Design DEUBLIN’s approach to multi-passage union design is uniquely modular, in which modules can be combined to configure the required number of media passages and ports from 2 to 12. This configuration results in faster delivery, lower spare parts inventory requirements and faster, easier maintenance. • Full range of port sizes available from 1/8" to 1 1/4" Each two-port module incorporates: • Standard chrome-plated rotor (proven superior to “hardened and ground” rotors) • Radial ports for medium passages and drain lines • Dual, widely-spaced ball bearings to ensure smooth...

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Application Worksheet Interested in how DEUBLIN can fulfill your need for a multi-passage union? Simply complete the questionnaire, and fax to 1-847-689-8690. A DEUBLIN application specialist will contact you with a recommendation. To specify a multi-passage union for your application, start by making one selection from each category below: PASSAGES1 2 passages 4 passages 6 passages 8 passages 10 passages 12 passages G (BSPP) NPT PT (BSPT) SAE Other _____________ HOUSING MATERIAL Statically sealed media ports, standard spacing None 6 circuits, each 2A at 240 VAC/210 VDC 6 circuits, 3 at 10A...

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Since its establishment in 1945, DEUBLIN has consistently adhered to a policy of producing the best product of its kind in the market. The result of this policy has been constant growth through the years. For this progress we are grateful to our many loyal customers. We cordially invite you to visit our modern manufacturing facilities in Waukegan, Illinois; Hofheim-Wallau, Germany; Monteveglio, Italy and Dalian, China. Donald L. Deubler Chairman of the Board AMERICA DEUBLIN USA 2050 Norman Drive Waukegan, IL 60085-6747 U.S.A Phone: +1 847-689 8600 Fax: +1 847-689 8690 e-mail:...

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