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Company information DEUBLIN philosophy Reliability / Service / Repair Technical information Sealing / Manufacturing Which DEUBLIN Seal Technology? Operating Principles of Rotating Unions Installation guide Instruction for Hose Installation and Assembly The position of the supply lines and drainage Correct installation extends service life / part 1 Correct installation extends service life / part 2 Printing industry Contemporary rotating unions for modern printing machines Plastics industry Rotating unions on plastics machines Wind power industry High-pressure hydraulic rotating unions for wind turbines Coil winding industry Rotating unions in the coil winding sector Paper industry The new CK series rotating union has done an excellent job! Certifications Rotating Unions with ATEX Certification DEUBLIN AEO F Certification Service and Support DPS – DEUBLIN Performance System Trainings, Seminars, Workshops ect. Catalogues, DEUBLIN worldwide

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Our aim: “To make every effort toward producing the best product of its kind on the Market”. and Italy have been producing for the European, African and Near Eastern Market. This tenet serves as an incentive and an obligation in equal measure. Adherence to this policy has been responsible for our growth from a small garage shop to the world’s largest manufacturer of Rotating Unions with a world-wide sales and service network. Besides sales and warehouse facilities in almost every country in Europe, we also have company owned subsidiaries in Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany,...

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Reliability Years of experience, constant dialogues with customers, in-house and supplier innovations have enabled DEUBLIN to offer reliable rotating unions at the cutting edge of technology. The right seal combination compatible to the media guarantees the maximum service life for every particular application. A clean and efcient warehousing and handling of the union is just as much a prerequisite for our customers as the adherence to the DEUBLIN specications. The market demands more products with a longer service life at more extreme parameters. Besides new developments and the constant...

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Sealing Original rotating unions used the media pressure to maintain seal contact. Logic indicates that as pressure increases, so do the forces holding the seals together - more pressure = tighter, better sealing. This simply means the load or pressure on the seal faces is kept to a minimum regardless of media pressure, resulting in a freer turning union and in longer seal life. This is why they were called “pressure joints”. Optimal balance ratio allows for a thin film of “lubricating” media between the seal faces. However, more pressure on the rotating seal face also meant more friction,...

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Which DEUBLIN® Seal Technology? DEUBLIN offers five different seal technologies, in order to provide the best solution for every machining application. Only DEUBLIN can offer such flexibility to the machine tool designer. Closed Seal: As the name indicates, the seals stay closed with or without coolant pressure. Unions with closed seals have only minimal “weeping” of media to allow lubrication of the seal faces. Therefore, drain lines generally are not required. Closed seal unions generally are less affected by extremely contaminated coolant than other designs. However, closed seal unions...

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Operating Principles of Rotating Unions Advantage of Through-Spindle Coolant Parts of a Rotating Union Nearly all modern machine tools and machining centres are equipped with coolant supplies, because high-speed cutting tools require both cooling and lubrication to reduce the rate of tool wear and to prevent overheating, which degrade the tool’s strength. As shown in fig. 3, a typical rotating union consists A flood (or external) coolant system (fig. 1) cannot fulfill this task effectively, instead, coolant has to be transferred through spindle and tool directly to the cutting edge (fig....

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mounted, bearing-supported unions absorb all axial forces (thrust load) on the spindle caused by coolant pressure. For both bore-mounted and bearingless unions, however, coolant pressure creates a certain thrust load on the spindle. No matter to bearing-supported or bearingless, rotating unions remain a subject to wear besides all high-technology, because a rest of friction still remains (it is technically impossible to reduce surface roughness to zero). Thus somewhere also a high-quality component will reach the technically limited end of its service life. To really achieve the mere...

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Secondly the maintenance of coolants: Rotating unions of high quality are designed in a way as to largely resist various impurities in coolants occurring in most of the production plants. In order to obtain a long service life and maximum productivity of the rotating union, the coolant is to be filtered according to ISO 4406:1999 Code 17/15/12, SAE 749 Class 5 or NAS 1638 class 8, maximum particle size 60 μ (fig. 9). Comparison: Pumps (fixed piston as well as variable volumes) normally require coolant filtration according to ISO 4406, Code 16/14/11 or better – in other words: They only...

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Service Visit fig. 11 Consideration of machine downtime costs In addition to the failure of a rotating union by penetration of chips as described above, failures of the solenoid valves, problems with the hydraulic pump and linear gears, defective signal transmitters or control signals may cause machine downtimes. All reasons result in considerable costs regarding personnel, machine and production (see fig. 11). For comparison: About 15 years ago, the estimated costs for the downtime of a CNC machine amounted to € 200.00 to € 600.00 per hour. Review the effects in your own production, but it...

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Instructions of Hose Installation and Assembly of DEUBLIN Rotating Unions Example Rotating Union 55/57 Series 1 Example Rotating Union 1109 Series 1

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The position of the supply lines and drainage as well as their influence on the efficiency and service life of a rotating union In case of all rotating unions based on the technology of the “balanced mechanical seal”, even those with permanently closed mechanical seals, minimum quantities of the transported medium can be found between the seal faces. They are useful for lubrication and help to avoid damages by dry run. Despite their high technology, rotating unions are wear parts; accordingly a certain quantity of leakage can be used as indicator for the condition of the mechanical seal. Of...

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