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SLIP RINGS DEUBLIN Company is the proven leader for the manufacture of rotary unions in rugged industrial and wind turbine applications. Based on decades of experience with harsh rotary union applications, DEUBLIN developed Electrical Slip Rings to serve similar environments. DEUBLIN electrical slip rings optimize the latest technology to obtain longterm operation and unrestrained connection of signals and power. DEUBLIN slip rings are developed in response to industrial manufacturers’ demand for longer service life. The integrated system has been optimized with special material...

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since the rotor electrical and hydraulic connections are plugged or unplugged as part of the installation or removal process rather than having to disconnect those cable connections and hose ttings separately. Custom slip ring designs and applications have been a staple of DEUBLIN’s slip ring design team. Our design team has an extensive group of building blocks to use in the development of any new slip ring requirement. Design challenges such as RF shielding, mixed signal handling, high frequency impedance matching, reduced temperature generation, and miniaturization are commonly solved by...

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Slip ring without cover, using wires on gold-plated rings DEUBLIN slip rings undergoing life cycle tests SLIP RING INDUSTRIES Wind Turbines Plastic Molding Construction Equipment Food Processing

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ELECTRICAL SLIP RING OVERVIEW DEUBLIN Electrical Slip Rings – Features and Benets Features Integrated hydraulic union and slip ring assembly Single source for integrated union/slip ring assembly DEUBLIN Slip Rings offer replacement of existing slip ring brands Easy to replace at end user or OEM Custom mounting congurations from 1 channel to an innite number of channels Flexible engineering to support unique requirements Push pin, solder or custom connector congurations Simple installation and maintenance SLIP RING CAPABILITIES Voltage: Up to 1000 Volts AC (single or three phase) or DC....

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Since its establishment in 1945, DEUBLIN has consistently adhered to a policy of producing the best product of its kind in the market. The result of this policy has been constant growth through the years. For this progress we are grateful to our many loyal customers. We cordially invite you to visit our modern manufacturing facilities in Waukegan, Illinois; Hofheim-Wallau, Germany; Monteveglio, Italy and Dalian, China. Donald L. Deubler Chairman of the Board AMERICA DEUBLIN USA 2050 Norman Drive Waukegan, IL 60085-6747 U.S.A Phone: +1 847-689 8600 Fax: +1 847-689 8690 e-mail:...

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