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Screwdriving Technology Automation Air Motors Air Tools machines unlimited The Screwdriver with regulated clutch function straight design - seating torque from 0.3 - 5 Nm (3 - 44 in.lbs) pistol grip design - seating torque from 0.3 - 5 Nm (3 - 44 in.lbs) nn Thread forming with maximum motor power nn Seating torque less than driving torque nn Thread forming instead of thread damaging nn ergonomic nn robust Our pneumatic handheld screwdrivers SENSOMAT with mechanical clutch function are particularly suitable for applications such as: • Sheet metal assemblies • Wood assemblies • Self-tapping through bolts The SENSOMAT has been specially designed for screw joints where the screw-driving torque (forming torque) is close to or even higher than the shut-off torque due to high friction during assembly. In this way for example thread forming or thread cutting screws can be reliably processed with this screwdriver which is equipped with a mechanical clutch lock – there is no chance of damaging the screw by over-tightening. Handheld Screwdriver pneumatic Motor size 3 und 4 (Zuluftanschluss unten) Motor size 2 (Zuluftanschluss unten) driving torque > seating torque (thread forming screw) Motor size 3 und 4 (Zuluftanschluss oben) driving torque seating torque clutchdisengagement motorshut-off Motor size 3 und 4 time (Zuluftanschluss hinten) Motor size 2,5 (Zuluftanschluss unten)

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The SENSOMAT control screwdriver tightens the screw with full motor torque. Just before the base of the screw head is seated, the shut-off clutch is released and the screwdriver switches off exactly at the pre-set torque. The screw is completely screwed in without damaging the screw connection. The SENSOMAT, a further development of the well-known MINIMAT screwdrivers achieves high torque accuracy and low 3% standard deviation with the help of the highly accurate shut-off clutch. When used under the correct conditions DEPRAG pneumatic screwdrivers with shut-off clutch conform with a Cmk...

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SENSOMAT - straight design - in combination with feeder Exhaust hose Optional Equipment Exhaust hose (1m/3.3ft.) Exhaust hose (0.75m/2.5ft.) with air hose (2m/6.6ft.) Support ring Support ring for driver in combination with feeder Part no. Part no. Part no. Part no. Motor size 1 straight design Motor size 2 pistol grip design Motor size 2 Support 'ring Adjustment bushing (for torque adjustment without sensor sleeve) It is necessary to use a torque support (e.g. stand, handgrip) for maximum torque: over 4 Nm for straight design and over 10 Nm for pistol grip design. Suitable torque supports...

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